Classrooms Without Borders

If a semester abroad seems like too much, how about a week away? Let Pace show you the world with upcoming travel courses at Pace.

Spring registration is right around the corner. This year, how about taking that international business course in China, or culture in the heart of Argentina, or theatre in Romania or Poland? The sky’s the limit with Pace’s Travel Courses!


SPA154: Culture and Travel Course to Argentina (May 16–24, 2013)
Did you ever want to learn to tango? Ride with the gauchos? Surround yourself with the tropical wonder of 275 waterfalls? Then this is the travel course for you! Spend nine days exploring Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls and studying literature, theatre, film, art, music, tango, recent history, politics, economy, and traditions.

MCA254 and 255: Producing the Documentary (March 22–31, 2013)
After years of successful spring break travel courses including last year’s documentary on the cork in Portugal, Dyson professors Maria Luskay, EdD, and Andrew Revkin are doing it again! This year, travel to Mexico’s Baja peninsula to chronicle how communities that once depended on sea turtle poaching and other extractive activities depleting the region’s rich natural resources are now thriving with a new economic model–one built around conservation and sustainable tourism. Film the marine and coastal wildlife around Magdalena Bay, interview and follow the lives of the Mexican conservationists and guides, many of whom were formerly poachers, and get the film experience of a lifetime with this course!

LAS260: South American Colussus: The History and Economy of Modern Brazil (May 17–25, 2013)
What better way to gain a broad overview of the modern history and economic structure of Brazil than by going directly to the source? From visits to cultural and historical sites, a soccer game and samba club, where students will learn the nation’s national dance, to guest speakers from universities, government, and the private sector, and a representative from Homens sem Terra, Brazil’s organization representing the rural landless poor, and much more, students will develop a strong general knowledge of the major periods and issues in Brazil’s history, together with the main features of the nation’s economy and the role it plays in the contemporary global economic system.

LIT211: Greece: A Modern Odyssey (May 23–June 2, 2013)
If you’re interested in Greek history, trade your textbook for this travel course, where you’ll visit the Acropolis site and the Acropolis museum, the National Archaeological museum, and the Temple of Zeus in Athens, tour Cape Sounion, the site of ruins of the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in classical mythology, cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey including Ephesus, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, and Patmos, followed by some time in Nauplion, the first capital of Modern Greece, Mycenae, Epidaurus, and more.

THR127: Travel Experience in Eastern European Theatre (May 11–22, 2013)
Explore bold tradition of Polish and Romanian theatre and the two former Communist countries where experiential theatre, political theatre, and the theatre of the absurd were born. Students will work directly with Romanian and Polish acting and directing students and attend a significant number of performances, lectures, and talkbacks, including shows, panels, and tours at the International Festival of Timisoara in Romania, a joint workshop with the students of the Theatre Academy of Cluj, Romania, and a joint session with the students of the Polish Film School in Warsaw, Poland.

INT197G: Rome: The Eternal City (May 23–June 15, 2013)
One of Pace’s most popular travel courses, Rome: The Eternal City is a three-week course which gives students the unique opportunity to explore the Colosseum, marvel at the Sistine Chapel ceiling, visit the Vatican, and study in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, all while earning six–that’s right, SIX–credits. With the city as your text, this interdisciplinary course, led by Dyson Professor Larry Hundersmarck, PhD, will bring to life the history, art, architecture, religion, and culture of Rome. Click here to watch a video about this travel course and hear more from Professor Hundersmarck.


Graduate INB 670A and MGT 630, Undergraduate MGT 347B: International Management Field Study to China (March 22–31, 2013)
Students will be given first-hand experience in understanding and managing in different cultures, doing business across cultures, and managing multi-national business affairs in the context of the USA and China. Students will travel to Shanghai and Beijing (and Hong Kong if time permits), including companies and cultural sites such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

Graduate MAR 680H and Undergraduate MAR 356: Field Study in Marketing to Denmark and Sweden (May 20–30, 2013)
Study the effects of sustainability and European Union integration on marketing activities in Scandinavian countries and the cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm. Students will meet with business managers, educators, and government officials to discuss issues and business practices; study the cultural values and norms of Sweden and Denmark; and participate in various cultural events and activities.

MGT 347: Field Study in Management to Brazil (March 22–31, 2013)
Spend your spring break studying business, energy, technology, urban planning, and development as well as environmental issues in Brazil. Students will visit a variety of organizations, government agencies, and entrepreneurial organizations that demonstrate sustainable business and environmental practices. Students will also learn about the concept of environmental responsibility through community mapping projects in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest and about social responsibility through education projects with young children in Rio de Janeiro, Ihla Grande, and Paraty, Brazil.

The Lubin School of Business, through a grant received from the Figueroa Family Fund, is awarding scholarships for the above three International Field Studies. Students who are eligible can expect to receive $1,500 per International Field Study. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is Friday, December 7, at 5:00 p.m. Visit for more info.