Taylor Swift, Rachael Ray, and One Lucky Pace Student

Pace student Melissa Recine ’12 walked onto The Rachael Ray Show for a Taylor Swift makeover and walked away with a dream internship.

Melissa Recine, right, with Taylor Swift

If Kanye were interrupting this story, it would probably go something like this: “Yo Pulse, Imma let you finish but Melissa Recine had the best Taylor Swift makeover of all time.”

And, this time, he’d be right. Pace student Melissa Recine kicked off 2011 in style….on The Rachael Ray Show. Where sitting in the studio audience would be enough for most, for Melissa, it just didn’t cut it.

“Taylor Swift has been a role model of mine ever since I was fifteen. I would write letters into lots of shows hoping to catch someone’s attention,” Melissa told us. “I had written into Rachael a few years back and they put all letters into an archive so when a Taylor episode came up they called about 300  fans and decided they liked me.”

And so the 20-year-old student would appear on the show to get a Taylor Swift makeover, something many teenage girls would dream of.

Post-makeover, Melissa joked that she was going to wear her dress every day.

“You’re going to be able to spot her easily on campus,” the celebrity chef and former Pace student (oh, didn’t you know?) Rachael Ray said.

And it didn’t end there. Taylor Swift herself appeared from behind a curtain to surprise the two girls who had just been made over.

“They told us that Taylor would not be there and this is actually the first time that they did a celebrity makeover where the celebrity actually came. I had no clue she’d be there. Meeting her was a surprise and a dream. I couldn’t control my emotions because she has had such a personal impact in my life,” Melissa said. “Meeting Rachael was pretty cool, too. It was hard because the first time I met Rachael was during the taping so I had to swallow the fact that I was talking to Rachael Ray and discussing my makeover.”

Sounds like a dream start to the new year? Yeah, well, it didn’t end there. Before she got “Taylored,” Melissa had some time to print off some resumes that she handed to the show’s producer, and while usually this kind of stuff only happens in Taylor Swift-written fairytales, the communications major ended up walking away with an internship on the show.

“My mom actually brought up the idea that bringing a resume would be a good idea and, as always, she was right! I was working closely with one of the producing teams so she walked me into the production intern coordinator’s office and I handed her my resume.”

When we heard from Melissa, she had just started her internship.

“I am currently on the train coming back from the internship. It’s so much fun. Of course we have to do a lot of getting coffee and lunch, but the most important thing is making connections. I’ll sit at a lot of peoples desks and answer their phones while they’re away. I always say my name. I make sure people know who I am and I’m remembered.”

Sounds like something she’ll never have a problem with!

Read more about Melissa’s adventures at Rachael Ray on her Dyson blog and check out the video above. Melissa’s clip starts around the 4:21 mark.