Waste. Kill. Share. Raise. Cultivate. Afford. The Pace Academy launches their 2013-2014 campaign to raise awareness about FoodYou…

Last year, the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies made major waves with its University-wide water campaign: the .007% campaign. This academic year, they’re moving from what we drink to what we eat, launching the FoodYou Campaign.

Pace Academy’s FoodYou Campaign is about the way that our choices, as individuals and as a society, intersect with the environment. During this 2013-2014 awareness initiative, we will examine some of the many pieces that are set in motion by what we put on our plates. Through events and partnerships, the campaign will broaden the Pace Community’s understanding of our global food system. We’ll be talking about the FoodYou engineer, grow, kill, need, take, waste, trade, and share. Food has always been a bridge between people and their environment. Today, our food choices are not only influenced by our region, personal budgets, and culture but also international trade agreements, government subsidies and regulations, and climate change.

The FoodYou Campaign will shine a light on our system’s resources, production, and waste through a diverse set of educational and action-oriented events. Events will feature experts on animal welfare and genetic engineering in agriculture, as well as opportunities for students to visit an organic farm and local farmers markets. During the spring semester, Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies’ mock hearing on C.A.F.O.s in NY will give students the chance to influence policy on industrial livestock production.

But how do you get involved NOW? Well, FoodYousers, on Thursday, October 10, award-winning author Jonathan Safran Foer will join the Pace Academy via virtual classroom to discuss his book Eating Animals, which he wrote while exploring today’s food systems and presents what many consider the most important popular critique of industrial farming. For those on the Westchester Campus, head to the Miller Lecture Hall from 12:45 p.m.–1:30 p.m. In NYC, Lecture Hall West from 2:15 p.m.–3:00 p.m.

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