Your Summer Your Pace

Summer school has a whole new look and meaning. Whether you want to immerse yourself in hip hop politics, photography, or physics, find out how you can earn six credits in six weeks this summer. Really. >>Read More

Summer school has a whole new look and meaning. Whether you want to immerse yourself in hip hop politics, photography, or physics, find out how you can earn six credits in six weeks this summer. Really. >>Read More

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back!

“Raise money. Stay up all night. Party with your friends. Make a difference. Laugh. Cry. Dance. Walk. Meet new friends. Give hope. Fight cancer. Join Relay for Life.” Help Pace make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world on April 20. >>Read More

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

On April 20, join the fight against cancer as Pace hosts Relay for Life in the Goldstein Fitness Center in PLV. The American Cancer Society’s signature event, Relay for Life is a fun-filled, overnight event that brings people together to raise money to fight cancer.

More than just a walk around a track, Relay for Life brings the community together for a night of carnival-themed activities which include a sticky wall, photo booth, inflatable jousting, EZ striker, dip-n-dots, make your own ice cream, tie dye, etc. There will be several performances such as Glee Club, dance team, 808 Step club, several fraternities and sororities, and a “Dancing with the Stars” where several faculty and staff will be paired up with people from the dance team to compete. A Survivors and Caregivers Lap will celebrate the victories we’ve achieved over cancer and an emotional Luminaria Ceremony will pay tribute to those affected by cancer with a bright glow of hope that lights up the night.

So far, more than 450 students, faculty, and staff have registered and raised more than $20,000 for Relay. Registration is $20 and all those who raise $50 will receive a Relay for Life t-shirt.

Join more than 3.5 million people from 4,900 communities across the country to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that touches too many lives.

Make a difference today by joining a team, stopping by to support the Pace Community, or simply making a donation. Together, we’re creating a world with more birthdays!

Pace’s Dancing Queens and Kings

Forget Dancing with the Stars. Performing Arts students are lacing up their dancing shoes as they prepare to take the Schimmel stage for the annual Dance Out Loud showcase on April 20 and 21. >>Read More

Dyson Performing Arts students are prepping their tootsies for two nights of dancing
as they present the Dance Out Loud dance showcase in the Schimmel Theatre on April 20 and 21.

Conceived and directed by Rhonda Miller, one of the most sought-after choreographers in the country and director and lecturer of dance at Pace, the showcase will feature more than 50 Pace students getting their tap, jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop, and contemporary dance on.

Shows will be held on Friday, April 20, at 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday, April 21, at
3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. in the Schimmel Theatre on the NYC Campus. Tickets are
$8 for students and $12 for everyone else, and can be reserved in advance by

For a special sneak preview, check out this great video made by POP TV, Pace’s NYC Campus TV station. Also, in case you haven’t seen what these students have done in the past, check out some numbers from last year’s show on POP TV’s YouTube and see the students getting down to everything from Billy Joel to Christina Aguilera to New Kids on the Block to Jay-Z.

Curtain’s Up for the Actors Studio Drama School

Here’s your chance to discover the next Bradley Cooper (ASDS alumnus ’00) as the Actors Studio Drama School graduating class brings to life their hard work and talent in the fourth annual Repertory Season ending April 28. >>Read More

Here’s your chance to discover the next Bradley Cooper (ASDS alumnus ’00) as the Actors Studio Drama School graduating class brings to life their hard work and talent in the fourth annual Repertory Season ending April 28. >>Read More

Environmental Crusaders

There are quite a few people at Pace who are leading the fight for what they believe in. Angelo Spillo and Michelle Rodriguez are some of the crusaders for our environment. Want to know what Pace thinks of our earth and how to save it? Spillo and Rodriguez are looking for the answer. >>Read More

by Pace student Helen Arase ’14

Here’s a little tip: If you’re planning on asking Angelo Spillo, director of the Environmental Center and academic coordinator for Environmental Studies in Pleasantville, why Pace should be concerned with the environment, be prepared for a passionate response.

“Shouldn’t everyone? How can we not be concerned? Every semester I start my classes off by asking my students, ‘Who likes to have clean water to drink? Who likes breathing clean air? Who likes to eat food that grows in clean soil?’  They all raise their hands and smile as if to say ‘What dumb questions!’” he says. “But when I ask, ‘Who spends time thinking about the condition of our environment?’ only a few if any raise their hands. The point is that abuses to our environment, whether we care or not, will impact us all in some way. Maybe not today, but maybe in 10 or 20 years.  The Pace Community, I believe, has a responsibility as an institution of higher education to do everything it can to promote environmental awareness.”

In addition to coordinating Earth Month and educating students on the environment, Spillo is currently working on environmental research with Pace undergraduate student Michelle Rodriguez. Chosen as one of 15 professor/student teams for the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program, Rodriguez and Spillo are trying to get at the heart of why students are indifferent to Pace’s environmental sustainability efforts.

Where do we stand on sustainability and our place in the natural world? This is the question the Spillo-Rodriguez team is asking. They hope to develop a response to encourage future participation at Pace and help connect and educate a higher percentage of students. Our earth is worth the hard work that Spillo and Rodriguez are doing, and we should support them!

For the past few months, they’ve  collected roughly 250 student surveys that will have information about students’ perceptions and priorities of Pace’s environmental  efforts. Their research will benefit the GreenPace Sustainability Committee and will suggest the next steps Pace should take to engage and better serve the students on both campuses in order to become a greener institution. If you want to see them presenting their research, stop by the Undergraduate Research End-of-Year Showcase on April 10 in PLV and make sure to check out Michelle’s blog entries for more info on their findings.

Make sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks as I interview more of Pace’s environmental crusaders!

It Takes 14 to Tango

Care to tango? Fourteen of Argentina’s leading tango dancers and musicians will perform two passionate, sensuous evenings of tango under the direction of world-renowned dancer, producer, and choreographer Mariela Franganillo on April 13 and 14 at the Schimmel Theatre. >>Read More

Care to tango? Fourteen of Argentina’s leading tango dancers and musicians will perform two passionate, sensuous evenings of tango under the direction of world-renowned dancer, producer, and choreographer Mariela Franganillo on April 13 and 14 at the Schimmel Theatre. >>Read More

Don’t be Detrimental, Go Environmental!

Are you interested in being a little greener? The Pace Community is invited to celebrate Earth Month every day in April, here at Pace! >>Read More

By Pace student Helen Arase ’14

Pace has always been a leader in environmental studies, so why not take advantage of learning and participating with some of the best? There will be at least 30 programs this month to excite and inspire you and your classmates to have a little more appreciation of what’s around us.

So, how did Earth day grow from one day to one month? Nine years ago, Angelo Spillo, director of the Environmental Center, started Earth Month, as a way for the Pace Community to extend Earth Day and learn to fully appreciate the environment. He says, “It’s very rewarding because now it has evolved into an interdisciplinary event that involves all components of Pace,
including faculty, staff, and students from all of our schools and departments.”

All events are open to the Pace Community. So, what are a few of the events that you should definitely attend? There’s the Wild World of Animals that features 14 interesting animals—from scorpions to legless lizards—sponsored by N.A.T.U.R.E., Pace’s Environmental Club. Interested in photography? There will be an exhibition available for viewing April 18 to April 26. What about solar power? On April 19, the unveiling of the solar classroom provided by Con Edison is sure to be eye-opening. And who doesn’t want to see those marvelous birds of prey on the Pleasantville Campus?

“Who shouldn’t be interested in the environment? It is important to all of us; we only have one earth,” says James Eyring, Assistant Director of the Environmental Center, who is leading the Birds of Prey presentation, fitness trail hike, and various
other events.

And after Earth Month is over, let’s take our newfound knowledge out into the world. Eyring hopes that we will take our passion for protecting the environment into the real world to inspire future generations to help out by teaching, creating policies, restructuring how corporations view nature, and living sustainably.

So why not come on down and participate? You can definitely learn something new, even if you attend only one event. Our earth is important to all of us and what we do to it affects everyone. Let’s all be clean, green, environmental machines!

For a complete list of events, visit

And make sure to stay tuned this month as I profile a few different students and faculty members helping to make Pace a greener place!

Are You the Next Face of Pace?

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past month, you’ve probably seen Pace’s new Success Stories Start Here ads and banners from the New York Times to the WSJ to our very own homepage. And we want you to know…our success stories with you! Submit yours today! >>Read More

Pace students Peter Franceschini ’15 and John Robb ’15 placed fourth at the BMIC’s University Mobile Challenge in Barcelona, Spain and have been invited to compete at the Mobile Health Challenge in South Africa. Performing Arts students Donell James
Foreman ’12, Matt Farcher ’12, Pace alumna Ally Bonino ’11 and Performing Arts Assistant Professor Robert Meffe are getting major accolades for their work in the Off-Broadway production of Myths and Hymns. Every day students, alumni, and faculty are using their Pace education and experience to shine in many ways.

What is your success story?  We want to know.

Pace has launched a new advertising campaign and website to tout our many successes.The campaign began this month in The New York Times, print and online versions; Wall Street Journal; New York Post; and in the Westchester Journal News in print and online at Here is all you have to do to be a part of it:

  • Go to and click on the button that says Submit Your Story.
  • Tell us what exciting and rewarding experiences you have had or are currently involved in based upon your Pace education. For example, it could be an interesting internship, an exciting job opportunity, a fascinating research project, a rewarding experience with volunteer work, or even a story about someone you met who has inspired you.
  • Submit your story by April 15. A winner will be announced before the end of the semester.
  • Please encourage your friends to submit their stories.

The winner will be given the opportunity to be a part of the ad campaign, and attend a special Pace event with the Board of Trustees. All submissions will be considered for the website.

Your success is Pace’s success. Submit your story today!


Apple, IBM, Madison Square Garden, Ernst & Young, and more than 80 other organizations will be at the Goldstein Fitness Center on April 4 looking to hire for internships and jobs. What will you be doing? >>Read More

If your answer isn’t printing out a bazillion copies of your resume, suiting up, and quickly walking (hey, we don’t want you sweating all over your prospective employers) to the Goldstein Fitness Center, then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the PLV Campus will fill with 85 companies, including KPMG, American Red Cross, Kraft, U.S. Army Medical Department, North Shore LIJ, ArtsWestchester, Green Mountain Energy, Merrill Lynch, and many more!

Meet with representatives from media, consumer products, nonprofits, government, accounting, finance, banking, health care, computer science, technology, insurance, hospitality, retail, and many more areas of career interest. For a full list of participating employers, click here.

Career Fairs provide you with an invaluable opportunity to explore career paths and learn about employment opportunities in a wide range of industries. Full-time and internship positions will be available through employers looking to meet Pace students and recent alumni.

Evaluating the Teacher

Teacher Accountability: It’s on the front page of media outlets around the country and a top political agenda for numerous candidates in this election year. Join Charlotte Danielson, an internationally recognized expert in the area of teacher effectiveness, for a riveting discussion on teacher evaluation and accountability. >>Read More

Pace’s School of Education presents the Distinguished Educator’s Lecture: Framing Teacher Effectiveness/Supporting Student Success featuring Charlotte Danielson, whose Framework for Teaching is becoming a foundation for the evaluation of teachers in many school districts in New York, on Tuesday, April 3, from 6:00 p.m.-8:00p.m. at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts on the NYC Campus.

Questions and answer session to follow. The event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP at or (914) 773-3884.

For more information, visit


The Professor Is In: Q&A with Jim Lawler

Did you know that Seidenberg Professor Jim Lawler is an undercover history buff and world traveler? When he’s not meeting penguins in Patagonia and the Sultan in Oman, read how he gave up being a corporate exec for encouraging students to help underprivileged members of society in this month’s The Professor Is In! >>Read More

Seidenberg Professor of Information Technology Jim Lawler, PhD, has a lot of hidden talents up his sleeves. Known for his generosity and kindness, as well as having a passion for helping others, Professor Lawler enriches the lives of Pace students and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities through the use of technology in his Community Empowerment through Information Systems Course (CIS 102W). Lawler is encouraging both students and young people in the community to work together, and helps build both relationships and rewarding experiences.

In 2010, Professor Lawler was the recipient of a national Jefferson Award for Community Service, and was specifically noted for his involvement with AHRC NYC, a nonprofit organization in Lower Manhattan dedicated to serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

What was your favorite class as a student? Least favorite?
My favorite class as a college student was marketing, and my least favorite class was statistics.

What was one thing or person that made you passionate about your current career?
From my corporate experience at Merrill Lynch from 1976 to1998 in managing an internal learning organization, I learned that helping others in the learning of computer technology had an immediate impact on personal performance, which was a consideration that motivated me to begin a concurrent career as an Adjunct Professor at Pace from 1983 to 2001 and as a Professor from 2002 to the present at the Seidenberg School.

What quality do you most value in your students?
The quality that I value most in my students is self-motivation to succeed, which is a quality that I require of students that are in my extra-curricular programs of service that are helping teenagers and young adults with disabilities at the University.

What’s your advice to students to make the most out of their time in college?
I would encourage undergraduate students to be engaged in different extra-curricular programs not only in their fields of study but also in other fields in the schools of the University, from which they would develop a network of faculty and students that would be helpful to them when they graduate from the University, and I would encourage them to be engaged in community organization projects in helping others less fortunate than themselves. Education is not only learning but also engagement in the life of a university.  Few students leverage the advantages of extra-curricular programs at a university.

If you had to do it all over again and took another path, what profession would you like to attempt? What profession would you not like to do?
If I had to do it over again, I would prefer to be a professor upon graduation from university, and not be a corporate executive, which was my official profession until I joined Pace as a non-adjunct professor in 2002. Though the compensation as an executive of Merrill Lynch was exceptionally great, the experience of helping others, as I am helping students and those not as fortunate in society, is greater than in a corporate organization. The impact on others is greater in a university.

What is your favorite book/TV show?
My favorite books are generally 20th century history, and my favorite TV is the history and military channels, though my favorites in entertainment are the Met operas of Wagner and the plays of Shakespeare at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Lantern Theater (Philadelphia).

What would you do if you had an extra hour every day?
If I had an extra hour every day, I would read even more history.

What is your favorite journey/experience?
My favorite journey was to Antarctic and Patagonia in South America in 2006, where I met millions of penguins, and my favorite exotic journeys were to India in 2008, where I met in person the actress Aishwarya Rai, and to Oman in 2004, where I met the Sultan.

What is your favorite saying/words to live by?
“Three Glories of Speech: Brevity, Steadiness and Wisdom”—from the precepts of King Cormac as recorded in the Irish “Book of Leinster.”

If you could have any five people, living or dead, imagined or real, as guests at a dinner party, who would you choose?
I would choose Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan—my favorite presidents.

Interview by Pace student Helen Arase ‘14

And BINGO Was His Game-O

B-4…B-4! Before you make plans for next week, how about you consider a little B-I-N-G-O for a chance to win an iPad, Beats headphones, PS3, and more, and raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation? SAAC brings you their 6th Annual Bingo Night on March 27. >>Read More

Pace’s student-athletes don’t just work hard on the field and court; they’re now giving hope and joy to children with life-threatening diseases and helping to make their wishes come true. On March 27, students, faculty, and staff can help them just by playing a little bingo.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is proud to host the 6th Annual Bingo Night at 9:00 p.m. on March 27 in the Goldstein Fitness Center on the PLV Campus.

Prizes this year include an iPad, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, a Playstation 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and other electronics, Pace apparel, gift cards from local businesses, and more! Card prices are $3 for one card and $5 for two cards, so make sure to come early to get that lucky bingo card! All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the country’s largest wish-granting organization which makes one sick child’s wish in the U.S. come true every 40 minutes.

There will be free food and drinks while supplies last. Last year, SAAC raised $3,100 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  If you have any reservations about attending, check out this video from last year’s Bingo Night.

Where Art and Industry Intersect

On March 26, Pace Performing Arts presents “The Masters Series” Conversations with Leading Theatrical Producers Gregory Mosher, Amanda Feldman, and Alexander Fraser. >>Read More

On March 26, Pace Performing Arts presents “The Masters Series” Conversations with Leading Theatrical Producers Gregory Mosher, Amanda Feldman, and Alexander Fraser. >>Read More

March “Mad”ness

It’s been a crazy season of Inside the Actors Studio tapings, with the cast of Glee, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt all stepping foot on Pace’s NYC Campus. On March 21, things get even more Mad, as James Lipton hosts… >>Read More

The cast of Mad Men.  That’s right, Don Draper and the cast of the provocative AMC drama, which has garnered 15 Emmys and four Golden Globes, will be making headlines on Pace’s NYC Campus.

The taping begins at 7:00 p.m. on March 21 in the Schimmel Theater.  Pace students wishing to join the Pace student standby line should line up along the Multipurpose Room hallway on the day of the taping. A Pace ID admits one.

BFA Pace students should line up along the Schimmel balcony adjacent to the security desk.  Again, a Pace ID admits one, space permitting, to the taping.

Mad Men is a dramatic television series on AMC that was created by Matthew Weiner and stars an amazing ensemble cast including Jon Hamm, January Jones, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser, Jared Harris, and Kiernana Shipka. The series premiered on July 19, 2007 to critical acclaim and has won many awards since then, including fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes. It is the first basic cable series to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, winning it in each of its first four seasons in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Season five will premiere on March 25.

To the Left, to the Left…

Do you have something to say about how student debt is affecting our generation? What about increasing poverty in the United States? Come to the Left Forum and vocalize your opinions for change. This is your chance to let your voice be heard! >>Read More

Written by Pace student Helen Arase

The Left Forum–one of the largest gatherings of progressive intellectuals, activists, academicians, and organizations from around the world–arrives on Pace’s NYC Campus on March 16–March 18 for the fourth year in a row. The Forum highlights and encourages pushing forward progressive agendas for social change and includes panels of all kinds to discuss variances, commonalities, and alternatives to current difficulties in the world, and to share ideas for understanding and transforming it.

“We’re very pleased that the Left Forum has been a constant at Pace because it draws a diverse and substantial audience—from academics and activists worldwide, to students and faculty from the area,” says Associate Director for The Center for Community Action and Research and Adjunct Professor Sangeeta Rao.

Why does this matter to you? There will be awesome speakers like filmmaker Michael Moore, journalist Chris Hedges, and sociologist John Holloway to stimulate conversation about how change can help you, your family, and the world. Plus you can come support fellow Pace students including Victoria Tran-Trinh, Jessica Borona, Nick Zukowski, and Victoria Measles, as they participate in the panels! Some of the Pace panels include Citizenship, Civic Engagement, and Community Action in times of Political Apathy and Political Activism, A Front Row Seat to Occupy Wall Street: Pace University and the OWS Movement, and Thinking Debt Forgiveness. For a full listing of panels featuring Pace students, faculty, and staff, click here.

What can you do to help? You can volunteer to aid in the registration and admission process, directions to panels and exhibits, and guide people through the events. There is also a need for media, video recording and coordinating, as well as closing
operations. Volunteer to get a free 3-day conference pass!

Come break the silence for only $20 for Pace faculty and staff and $15 for students, and get access to a large amount of the brightest progressive minds in the world!

This Could Really Be a Good Life

OneRepublic, Kanye, Weezer, Hannah Montana, and Tony Bennett have all sung about it. But you? You want to live it. So head on over to Kessel on March 8 for The Good Life: Your Guide to Living a Life You Love. >>Read More

What’s the measure of happiness and how do we get it? On March 8, join Pace University faculty experts  Ross Robak, PhD, Chair of Psychology and Mental Health Counseling and Director of the Master of Counseling Program for Dyson College of Arts and Sciences;  Psychology Professors Anthony Mancini, PhD, and Paul Griffin, PhD;  Lubin School of Business financial expert Rosario Girasa, JD, and others in an insightful discussion about the psychology behind what makes us tick.

The second lecture in a new series on the PLV Campus, The Good Life: Your Guide to Living a Life You Love panel discussion and Q&A will examine how to build a healthy, happy life–spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. The event will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Kessel Student Center and is free and open to the public. To RSVP, e-mail

DJ Henry Clock Dedication

On March 26, the Pace Community will pay tribute to DJ Henry with the dedication of the DJ Henry Clock on the PLV Campus. >>Read More

Last October, Pace Athletics paid tribute to Pace student Danroy (DJ) Henry with the DJ Henry Memorial Youth Clinic.

On March 26, the Pace Community will honor DJ Henry with a physical memorial: the dedication of the DJ Henry Memorial Clock.

Please join us for this special event in the Goldstein Health and Fitness Center on the PLV Campus at 3:00 p.m. Light refreshments to follow. Please RSVP by March 21 to

Your Chocolate Fix

Craving chocolate? Lucky for you, the Schimmel is satisfying your craving. “Dropping” by March 2, Grammy Award-winning band Carolina Chocolate Drops offers a night of what Rolling Stone calls “dirt-floor-dance electricity.” $5 tickets available for Pace students. >>Read More

Craving chocolate? Lucky for you, the Schimmel is satisfying your craving. “Dropping” by March 2, Grammy Award-winning band Carolina Chocolate Drops offers a night of what Rolling Stone calls “dirt-floor-dance electricity.” $5 tickets available for Pace students. >>Read More

Let’s Talk About Sex Shops and Murdertown

On March 3 and 4 enter a world of corporate greed, lost obsessions, sex shops, and more with the Actors Studio Drama School Staged Reading Series, featuring Pace student Sean Michael Welch.
Read more in our sister pub, Opportunitas

On March 3 and 4 enter a world of corporate greed, lost obsessions, sex shops, and more with the Actors Studio Drama School Staged Reading Series, featuring Pace student Sean Michael Welch.
Read more in our sister pub, Opportunitas

<3 Your Student Body

The Pace Counseling Center Wellness Week is partnering with the National Eating Disorder Association to bring you Love Your Body Week, a week’s worth of events including film screenings, panels, and plays, to show you why it’s important to be comfortable in your genes. >>Read More

Love Your Body Week kicks off on Monday, February 27 with Mirrorless Monday. Residence halls across campus will have their mirrors covered to promote positive body esteem. Students and staff are encouraged to write positive affirmations on the covered mirrors as a statement of acceptance and love for their bodies. Help celebrate you!

Does America have an unhealthy obsession with beauty? At 6:30 p.m. stop by the Student Union to see America the Beautiful, a documentary filmed over a four year time period, which follows the life of a teen model, explores the cosmetic industry, and leaves the audience asking themselves important questions regarding their own obsession with beauty. View the film trailer here. A Q&A and panel discussion with eating disorder and body image pyschotherapist Aviva E. Braun, LCSW and Dyson Professor and author of Feminist, Inc. Emilie Zaslow, PhD, will follow.

Also on February 27-March 2, don’t fight your genes, change your jeans! Drop off the jeans you no longer wear at Pace Residence Halls or at the Counseling Center. All jeans will be donated to a local charity.

On Tuesday, February 28, Ask the Dietitian. Have questions regarding nutrition, eating healthy on campus, or how to properly fuel your body? Stop by the nutrition booth in the One Pace Plaza kiosk and ask licensed dietitian, Laura Moretti, RD, with Columbus Park Collaborative, and get free consultation regarding your nutritional health.

Later that evening, the Schimmel Center opens its doors to a story of an eating disorder, loss, and hope. Inspired her journal writings, Someday Melissa is a documentary about a teenager’s struggle with bulimia. Following the screening, a panel discussion will be moderated by WABC-TV Anchor Diana Williams. Panelists include: Judy Avrin, filmmaker and mother of Melissa; Danna Markson, LCSW, Eating Disorders Specialist and Co-Executive Producer; Kimberly Dennis, MD, Medical Director, Timberline Knolls; and Vic Avon, author, activist, and NEDA Spokesperson. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the film begins at 7:00 p.m. For tickets please visit the NEDA website. (suggested donation of $10, but free for Pace students)

On Wednesday, February 29, and Thursday, March 1, the Multipurpose Room transforms into a stage for phat girls by Debbie Lamedman, a full-length play depicting the struggle many women experience dealing with weight and body image concerns. The audience will be transported from childhood to adulthood, witnessing the stories of how real women survive in a body-conscious society and eventually follow their journey toward self-acceptance. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the play will begin at 7:30 p.m. A Q&A and panel discussion will follow with Director Chris Giordano, cast, and Dr. Karen Weiss on opening night.

In addition to Love Your Body Week, the Counseling Center is hosting events as part of Wellness Week. On Monday, February 27, take part in a Jeopardy-style trivia game to test your knowledge and learn some facts about gender issues, gender differences, and sexuality at Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.

What do Kim Kardashian and Cinderella have to teach us about happily ever after? On March 1, learn about what really makes a relationship healthy at Things People in Relationships Say.

Finally, on March 2, join the Counseling Center for an evening of storytelling about addiction, cravings, and love at Drinking…A Love Story? from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the 2nd Floor Fulton Street Lounge.

For more info or sponsorship opportunities regarding Love Your Body Week, email Heather Frank at or visit Wellness Week on Facebook.