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Written by Pace student Sarah Aires ’14

Pace’s Environmental Law program has gained national recognition and is consistently ranked among the top four programs of its kind in the United States. This summer, it is offering an incredible lineup of 27 different one-week courses that focus on cutting-edge environmental law topics ranging from Wildlife Law, to Clean Water Act/Wetlands, to Nuclear Energy and Waste Disposal, to UN and Brazilian Environmental Law. The new program will serve as a pilot project and, if successful, will become an annual program.

Laura Jensen, who joined the University as Assistant Director of Environmental Law Programs in 2012 after graduating magna cum laude from Pace Law School, has helped organize the innovative project.  “We’ve been receiving a lot of interest from practicing attorneys and [internationally] in places like Brazil,” she notes of the newly launched project.

The week-long seminars, with tracks in energy, environmental, land use and natural resources, and international law, are taught by distinguished law professors from across the country. Experts include: Professor Sanford Gaines, who earned his law degree from Harvard University after serving in the Peace Corps in Korea; Professor Gabriel Eckstein, whose past work includes editor for the American University International Law Review; and Professor Rachael Salcido, who has served as the director of the Sustainable Development Institute and whose work has appeared in countless scholarly journals.

Courses like the Renewable Energy Field Course in the Energy Track often go beyond the classroom, allowing students to explore real-world renewable energy project sites while learning more about the laws and policies that apply to them. The Environmental Track also offers hands-on experience with courses like the Brownfields Field Course that introduces students to fieldwork experience while also meeting with city officials, scientists, and construction company officers.

“Our Pace Law professors are very much involved in environmental law and the ABA,” Jensen says. “They put the word out amongst their colleagues and these were the [experts] who reached out and were interested in teaching a specialty course. We have [professors] flying in from Brazil and Denmark…”

Courses are open to law students, attorneys, and college graduates with an interest in the field. Certificates of completion are available as is affordable dorm space for visitors on the White Plains Campus.

The Summer Environmental Program runs from the week of May 27 through the week of July 22. Registration closes on May 1. For more information or to register, visit