Best Hidden Gem

Let the Bling begin. We asked you to tell us about your favorite diamonds in the rough, and since “Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone” you shared yours. So the Pawscar for best hidden gems goes to…

60 Wall Street Atrium.

Think of the 60 Wall Street Atrium as an indoor public park. A wifi spot. A deli, newsstand, and ice cream parlor with some tables for a lunch date or hanging out. A place most people don’t know anything about. A…well, hidden gem.

And 60 Wall was just one of the bunch of hidden gems you guys picked out. There were no repeats, so no clear winner, but some of our favorites include the Choate House Dungeon (if it actually exists!), St. Margaret’s House Thrift Shop on Fulton Street, shabby chic brunch spot Danal on Fifth Avenue between 12th and 13th streets, and the PLV Campus Nature Trail.

Best Place to Volunteer

Last month we had a whole issue on some of the greatest places to volunteer in NYC and Westchester, but it looks like we left out some of your favorites. The Pawscar for best place to volunteer goes to…

Relay for Life in PLV and a range of NYC homeless shelter projects including Sylvia’s Place, WIN (Women in Need)Homes for the Homeless, and hours spent volunteering at shelters with New York Cares.

Every year, Pace hosts the American Cancer Society’s signature event, Relay for Life, on the PLV campus. Student, faculty, staff, and the community gather overnight to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. The 2010 Relay for Life of Pace University raised $40,000.

In NYC, you picked Sylvia’s Place, an emergency overnight shelter for LGBTQ youth; WIN (Women in Need), which provides housing, help, and hope to New York City women and their families; and Homes for the Homeless, which provides homeless families the opportunity to move out of the shelters and live independently.

Best Bookstore

While clicking away on is fine and dandy for a too-rainy-to-even-leave-the-house day, there’s nothing quite like going through book aisles and rummaging the shelves to find what you’re looking for. And let’s not even get started on the smell of a bookstore. The Pawscar for best bookstore goes to…

Both campuses united for Barnes and Noble. It was pretty much a landslide.

The only other bookstore that picked up more than a few votes was the NYC-famous Strand Bookstore, known for its 18 miles of books.

Best Cheap Eats

You can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow…we’ll be bringing our dollars to some of the places you voted for best cheap eats. From hot dog carts, trucks, trailers, and kiosks, to falafel frenzies and dollar dumplings, we’re pretty sure money can buy you a little bit of love. The Pawscar for Favorite Cheap Eats goes to…

Falafel cart on 53rd Street and 6th Avenue (the $5 Halal on Ann Street and Nassau came in second) in NYC and in PLV, 7-Eleven’s burrito rollers, taquitos, and Slurpees are fast, convenient, and pretty amazing, so you say.

Best Place On Campus

We asked you what your favorite place on campus was and it seems like the majority of you in NYC are spending your time in the same place, whereas in PLV, you’re all over the place. One thing’s similar: you both like to take in the fresh air. The Pawscar for best on-campus hang out goes to…

Choate Pond in PLV and the Mortola Courtyard in NYC

Best People Watching

Forget watching TV. America’s favorite hobby is watching people. So here’s looking at you…or us. The Pawscar for people-watching goes to…

City Hall Park

Coming in as runners-up are the balcony at Grand Central Terminal (Gossip Girl style) and pretty much everywhere at Kessel (the patio, benches between there and Miller, and the back of Dining Room A) in PLV. Now you know where to see and be seen.

Best Parks

With millions of acres of parkland in New York State, the million dollar question is: Which park? Click on through and you’ll find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Or is it? The Pawscar for best park or green space goes to…

Central Park and Prospect Park!

 With more than 1,700 parks and playgrounds in New York City alone, there were a lot of options, and students from both campuses favored these great parks. Spanning 1,428 acres between the two of them, so it looks like it’s not a “concrete jungle” after all, Alicia Keys.

Best Professor

We always brag about our exceptional faculty and it turns out you agree with us. Looks like there are a whole stock of A+ teachers here at Pace. And the Pawscar for favorite professor goes to…

Bill Offutt in NYC and Margaret Fitzgerald in PLV.

William “Bill” Offutt, PhD, is Pace famous for many reasons: He’s an associate professor of history, is the guy behind the famous Dyson Houses, and serves as a faculty adviser for the Pforzheimer Honors College.

If you’ve taken law or criminal justice courses on the PLV campus, chances are you’ve had Margaret “Fitz” Fitzgerald, JD, who not only teaches several of these courses, but also is a sponsor for Alpha Phi Sigma and Criminal Justice Society and Alpha Chi so-sponsor.

Best Coffeeshop

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, Pace! We don’t want to the bearer of bad brews, so instead we’ll spill the beans on the best, well, beans in town… Alright, enough of that. And the Pawscar for best place to grab your cup of joe goes to…

Dunkin’ Donuts

Well, it looks like America does run on Dunkin’ after all, as Dunkin’ Donuts was a definite favorite on all campuses. In NYC, environmentally-friendly fair traders think coffee picked up some nods. Additional runners-up include: Jean Jacques and Dragonfly Cafe in PLV and Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House and Patuca in NYC.

Best Homework Hotspots

Nobody really LIKES to do homework, but it’s all about the atmosphere. Homework in Hawaii? Not the worst thing in the world. Homework holed up in your room? You could do better. The Pawscar for best homework hotspot goes to…

Miller Lawn in PLV and Water Taxi Beach in NYC.

Pace students like to take their inspiration from the great outdoors. So grab your books, your netbook, and your number two pencils and take it outside.

Best Write-In

We asked you to write in any of your favorites that we may have forgotten. While most of you chose to forgo this question, we did get some interesting responses. The Pawscar for best Pawscar Write-in goes to…

…the person who wrote in Favorite Eco Center Animal. While this was an anonymous survey and we have no idea who you are, your answer “the fat chicken that looks like it’s wearing pants!” had us laughing our pants off.

You’ve Got (g)Mail!

If 70 times more e-mail storage space and video chatting and a whole lot of Google is the answer you’ve been looking for, well then we’ve got the question: Why haven’t you signed up for our Google Apps for Education yet?

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More than 8 million students use Google Apps for Education and now, thanks to a partnership between Pace and Google, you are one of them. So what does this mean?

  • Tired of deleting messages to stay under quota? In the words of the great Kelly Clarkson “never again!” Gone are the “Your mailbox is almost full” messages, since you’ll now be getting more than 7GB, which is 70 times more storage space than you had before you went on summer vacation;
  • Your parents may no longer tell you what to do, but fortunately your calendar can. Now you’ve also got Google Calendar, which allows you to share and coordinator calendars and schedule resources from your computer or mobile device;
  • Would you like to overwrite this file? Nope, thanks to Google Docs, a word processing app that doesn’t just give you access to the same document, it allows you to work on it at the same time from anywhere in the world; 
  • KIT (that’s keep in touch) with Google Talk, which supports free instant messaging, calling, voicemail, and file transfer;
  • Let’s do the wave! Google Wave, a team project app that allows you to collaborate in one space using instant talk, polls, and more, from anywhere around the world; See the comment below from our CIO, Ravi, who gave us some (wave) breaking news: Wipe out! 

Oh, and we can keep going: Google voice and video chat; Google Groups; you can even “Google” your own Gmail and find the message you’re looking for in seconds.  You’re going to be all Googled out by the end of the semester. Actually, there’s no such thing. Come on, it’s GOOGLE!

Let IT answer your frequently asked questions and then click here to get yourself started in Google Apps.

For more information on what Google has to offer, check out the Google Apps for Education website.

Your Educational Passport to Success

Resume, schmesume. At Pace, we help you stand out from the other job and internship hunters. Actually, we don’t just help you stand out, we help give you the educational passport to show where you’ve been and what you’ve learned.

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We have one (very powerful) word for you: ePortfolios. An online collection of all your work, ePortfolios showcase your accomplishments, give you the opportunity to creatively represent yourself and your education, and so much more.    

ePortfolios are a means of collecting, selecting, and reflecting on your academic work and other materials that will be useful in your  professional life. You can post files, images, videos, and blogs that show your success and progress as a student while enriching your learning, preparing you for your field of work, and sharpening your technological skills.

Pace piloted the program during the Spring 2010 semester with 20 classes and 230 students, and the pilot was so successful that all Pace students will have access to ePortfolios when they arrive in early September.

Dive into your ePortfolio.  And don’t worry about the how’s. Click here to learn how you can get started on stamping your passport to success!  

Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative SWEETS

Whether you’re interested in FREE Microsoft Office Enterprise, a Dell of a deal, or up to 85% off the latest and greatest computer software, ITS has got you covered.

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So you want Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and more) and Microsoft Forefront Client Security? Done and free.

Thinking of buying a Dell netbook and want to pay, say, half the price for it? Well, you’re in business right here

Rather a sleek new MacBook Pro? We already covered that in our How Bout Them Apples story, and you’re really going to want to read that one. Really, there’s a free iPod Touch involved.

Are you jonesing for Adobe Creative Suite, but wishing that the deal was just a little sweeter? Well, meet JourneyEd. She’s about to whisper some serious sweet somethings in your ear about saving 85%. That’s right, 85%! Read about this major savings and tons more on the IT Discounts site.

How About Them Apples?

Windows, Windows, Windows. If you’re tired of hearing all about Dell this and Vista that, then you’re going to be thrilled to hear that Pace is not only supporting Macs and adding them to our facilities, we’re hooking you up with some pretty sweet Mcdeals and maybe even a free iPod Touch.

You know what they say, a rotten apple spoils the barrel. That’s why ITS is making sure yours stays ripe, thanks to  the Client Support staff receiving  Apple certification enabling them to support Macintosh computers. Bring your laptop or desktop in for some Maclovin’ and while we’re on the topic of Client Support, a Client Support Walk-in Center is now available in the Computer Resource Center, Willcox Hall – 2nd floor, Pleasantville Campus, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Visit either this center or the one located in One Pace Plaza, New York Campus, Room W209 – 2nd floor for computer assistance.

Additionally, Macs have been popping up all over the NYC and Westchester campuses, thanks to ITS and the Library.  And, if that’s not sweet enough, the new units will be equipped with Final Cut Pro, a really sophisticated video editing program, for students, faculty, and staff to use. And that’s not all: IT has also set up an Apple Podcast Producer, an automatic and easy way to create and publish podcasts to iTunes, a blog, or other website.  You can also easily download your podcast to your computer, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.  For more information on Podcast Produce, contact Joe Constantino.  

Finally, if you’re tired of heading to the labs to get a bite out of the sweet Apple, then use your ITS Discounts to pick up one of your own. Students, faculty, and staff who buy a new Mac with Apple education pricing through September 7 will also get a free 8GB iPod Touch. Sounds like a Mcsteal to us.

Forget Simon: Listen to What Homer Says

While you’re waiting for that elevator to get to class, it’s time to look up and let Homer give you the lowdown on what’s going on around the NYC campus.


Last fall, flat screen monitors were installed all around the NYC campus to keep the downtown students in the know about news and upcoming events.

Whether it’s telling you where the free food is or what big event is happening on campus, Homer’s been keeping us entertained for almost a year. And not without some help! You’re probably wondering, “how does Homer know about all this good stuff?” Well, the truth is…because of you! Homer stays in the know about NYC events, thanks to students, faculty, and staff who submit them. So, know of an event or opportunity that you’d like to see up on the digital screens? Read these guidelines and get to submitting.

WordPress Obsessed

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve become pretty into WordPress over the last couple of months. From our student blogs to our revamped e-newsletters, WordPress is taking Pace by storm. Or vice versa.

Students have been blogging at Pace for years. Our student blog sites have undergone more “makeovers” than Heidi from The Hills. Then, when taking a look at what others were doing, the student blog site happened upon our CIO Ravi’s blog…in WordPress.  It was love at first site, and the Pace Student Blogs was re-born in WordPress.  Then, like skinny jeans tucked into high-top neon Nikes, it spread all over campus.

An Accepted Students blog popped up in WordPress; A Semester at Sea student hopped aboard in WP; Seidenberg Dean Constance Knapp, PhD, and Lubin Dean Neil S. Braun both took to WordPress to connect with their students, faculty, and staff; our Press Room got all VI(W)P; and finally, we jumped aboard the WordPress wagon and re-launched The Pulse, our faculty and staff newsletter Opportunitas, and our newsletter for parents and families, Keeping Pace.

If you’re ready to jump on the blogger bandwagon, e-mail the Online Communications team and let them know why you’d be a good pick.

Flip the Switch

Want to make an awesome video for class but don’t have the cool equipment to do it? Then borrow a Flip camcorder from Ed Media and make some magic.


If you’re interested in renting a camcorder for your classroom presentation or organizational meetings, then you’ve got to head over to Educational Media to try out their new Flip Mino camcorders!

The Mino camera is a sleek, low-profile device that’s small enough to pop right into your pocket. The camcorder can record up to 60 minutes of video at a 640×480 resolution, and the recordings are automatically saved as MPEG-4 video files for easy viewing on your computer. No additional software is needed, just plug in and go!

Give Ed Media a call to find out more:

  • NYC:  (212) 346-1583
  • PLV: (914) 773-3338
  • WP: (914) 422-4060

Please note: These cameras can be rented from your local Educational Media office for classroom or educational purposes ONLY.

Movin’ On Up!

From Blackboard and Banner upgrades to classrooms to-go, faculty and staff are cramming in as many enhancements as possible while you’re off digging your toes into the sand.

So wondering what’s been going on over the past few months?

Let’s give you the scoop on some of the new flavors at Pace.

  • Put your erasers away, Blackboard got upgraded to version 9.0. Which means what? Increased user-friendliness, for one thing.  New features include the addition of blogs and journals.  For Blackboard 9 Resources, click here.  And before ITS even had a chance to breathe, they’ve already started working to upgrade to version 9.1 and  support Bb Mobile, a version of Blackboard that works on selected mobile devices. Additionally, the course quota has been increased from 250MB to 2GB—allowing more space for each course and giving faculty the opportunity to increase multimedia use in teaching.


  • Banner got better!  Banner and all third-party products have been upgraded to the latest 8.0 releases, providing an enhanced Internet Native Banner and user-friendly Self Service Banner environments to students, faculty, and staff.


  • Can I get my classroom to-go?: Two mobile classrooms on the NYC and PLV campuses, providing up to 30 laptops to students during a classroom session, are now available for you. When the laptops are not being used, they will be circulated in the Library. Faculty interested in this project should contact the Educational Media Center at: or call Richard Miller at 212-346-1550.


  • Classrooms and lecture halls get digital: Beginning in the fall, all Pace classrooms will be equipped with built-in computers, projectors, and screens.  Plus, 10 new high end classrooms and 2 lecture halls will be available with feature-rich, fully-integrated touch screen control systems, blu-ray players, annotation capability, and easy laptop/device hook ups.  For a complete list of the spaces being outfitted with technology over the summer, click here.  For any issues using classroom technology, contact  All issues will automatically generate an ITS Helpdesk ticket and be swiftly addressed.


  • Video killed the radio star:  High-definition, state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms were constructed at the following three locations:  Miller, Room 16, in PLV, Graduate Center, Room 509, in WP, and One Pace Plaza, Room E319, in NYC, encouraging students, faculty, and staff to communicate among campuses.  Rooms come equipped with full digital collaboration capabilities, large screen displays, integrated controls, and remote access tools such as Movi, which allows students and faculty to participate remotely via their own computer.


  • It’s time to cut the cords: So long, pesky ethernet cables. Wireless has come to town!  As of July, all Pace classrooms and dorms have been equipped with robust wireless access.


  • Movers and shakers: The Doc Services Copy Center in Willcox got a bit of a makeover this summer along with an expansion to accommodate the relocation of the high-volume production center, and expanded services and quicker turnaround times for print projects. And the Copy Center won’t be lonely, as it just got a new neighbor at Willcox: the ITS Helpdesk and Client Services have moved offices from Briarcliff in effort to be more accessible to its clients. Additionally, the Helpdesk will run on extended hours for the first two weeks of the semester: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Stay tuned for more ch-ch-ch-ch-changes coming soon or check out the ITS News site.

It’s Time to Turnitin

Ever get this genius idea while writing a paper and then you write it down, only to realize a few days later, that you just took Shakespeare and passed it as your own? Well, Turnitin is going to turnitaround for you!

Pace now has a University-wide license for Turnitin, the anti-plagiarism and peer review software that is integrated with Blackboard. Students using the application can check their own writing for improperly used content, inadvertent plagiarism, or quotation errors. CTLT and the school IT directors are working on training material, so stay tuned for more!

To learn more about Turnitin, click here.

Home is Where the OUT House Is

What’s the coolest house in Dyson? The OUT House. That’s right we said it (hey, they named it!) Learn more about this techie house and its four sisters, which also have cool names, but not nearly as fun logos.

If you’ve seen The Terminator, played Grand Theft Auto, or used Facebook, then, according to the Online University Technopolis (OUT) House, you know that the apocalypse is coming. 

One of Dyson’s five Houses (the others are Body and Mind House, Gotham House, Green House, and One World House), OUT House is Dyson College’s version of a virtual fall-out shelter.

So what does this mean for you? Rather than simply hide behind Pace University’s firewall, OUT House members will train for the future, mastering the forces that are bringing about our ruin. This year, the focus will be primarily on media such as film and television, examining how they shape beliefs and the ways we are shaped by them. Rather than just analyze, OUT House members will adopt a hands-on approach to media studies.

Each House has a faculty “don” and a peer leader to organize events (especially the social and competitive ones) and give guidance.

If you want to learn more about the OUT House, the overarching evil genius behind the Houses is Bill Offutt, Associate Professor of History. E-mail him your questions or send him a message on AIM at billoffutt.

Plug Into Pace

From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to Flickr, Pace is taking your social networks by storm. And we’re looking for you to be a part of it, so plug in already!

You can get a little bit of Pace in every space. Here are just some of the places you can find us:


Check out more Pace groups and pages on Facebook.


YouTube: Aside from videos of some of the great things happening on campus, Pace is letting YouTube really be your tube. Think you have the next viral video? Want to share a good time you had at Pace? Then upload your videos onto the new “PaceTube” site! Get creative, have fun, and show everyone what a cool campus that have!

Flickr: Find yourself in our Flickr photos, from Commencement to Photo of the Moment!

Foursquare: ITS is checking in. Find out what they’re the mayor of and see if you can take over their post!

And the Pawscar Goes to…

There are so many great finds at and around Pace, so we thought: why not vote on some of your favorites? Pick your favorite pizza joints, parks, professors, and more, and we’ll announce the winners of the Pawscars next month.

Is your favorite slice of pizza found right near Pace at Rosella’s or do you head to John’s? Sabatino’s or Lucio’s in Westchester? Prefer to get your homework on at City Hall Park or Miller Lawn in Westchester? It’s time for you to VOTE for your favorites as we present you with the 1st Annual (maybe, we’ll see…) Pawscars. Vote on everything from green spaces to your favorite student organization here and we’ll tell you who took home the Pawscar next month!

(Don’t) Keep on Waiting, Waiting on the World to Change

Don’t let the plastic bag monster eat the world. It’s time to show John Mayer that we don’t need to wait on the world to change. The Center for Community Action and Research is giving you the opportunity to stand up for a cause that you believe in.

>>Read more.

If, as John Mayer says “one day our generation is going to rule the population,” it’s time to stop waiting and start creating. That’s why the Center for Community Action and Research  (CCAR) is soon to announce the Cause Competition, a contest where students will submit either a one-minute video or poster advocating for a cause they’re passionate about. CCAR staff will choose the top five videos and poster, and students will vote on their favorite. There will be cash prizes and exposure, but more importantly, there will be an audience, so if you have an issue that’s close to your heart, now is the time to start thinking about it. We’ll keep you posted with details and, in the meantime, check out a video for a similar contest where a plastic bag monster eats the world.

If you haven’t already, sign up to receive CCAR volunteer opportunities via e-mail and give back with your friends!  Get involved in everything from helping homeless children make holiday gifts for family members to rubbing elbows with celebrities at the GLAAD Media Awards to giving rescued dogs a little break from the shelter. And who knows, one short shift may give you the inspiration you need to create the cause video and start changing the world.