Three Credits in Four Weeks

The department stores are decorated, the sun is setting on the fall, and before you know it, it’ll be winter break. This year, pick up three credits in four weeks with January Intersession.

This winter, as appealing as it may seem, don’t spend your entire break sitting in your PJs watching Real Housewives reruns. Spend it in your PJs exploring media and gender and getting three credits for it.

Want to take public speaking online? Sure thing. Want to knock out that calculus course in just four weeks? Also not a problem. Interested in exploring the role of animals in our society, the psychology of violence, or Italian cinema? All you’ve gotta do is register for January Intersession 2014.

Courses are offered in subject areas including art, biology, communications, criminal justice, environmental science, history, literature, mathematics, psychology, women’s studies, and more—online, in a hybrid online/in-class, and traditional in-class formats—and are completed in just four short weeks beginning on January 2.

Register now, so when your parents nag you to get off the computer and change into “real people clothes,” you can tell them you decided to get a jumpstart on the year.