50 Years, 50,000 Stories

In case you missed the bus with the PLV 50th anniversary signage, let us tell you what’s happening. The PLV Campus is celebrating its 50th birthday. And with that day, we know there are thousands of stories and photos to be shared. >>Read More

Pace in Pleasantville is made up of its people and their stories. Everyone who has studied, worked, or played at Pace in Pleasantville has a story to tell about how Pace has affected their lives. From spring fling to football games to Townhouse Day, internships to job offers, we’re not exaggerating when we say Pace Pleasantville–50 Years, 50,000 stories.

Whether it was a life-changing moment or moment of life, students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and community members are invited to share your story at http://pleasantville50th.pace.edu/ or simply by posting your story to Twitter, Instagram, or Vine with #PLV50.