Work it!

Looking for an on-campus student job to help pay your way through Pace? Check out who’s hiring!

Think you have the “write” stuff to be a tutor at the Writing Center? Want to go nose first into a position in Athletics as a student diving instructor? If we called you maybe on the ITS Helpdesk line, would you be the student who picks up?

Whether you have Federal Work Study or are just looking for an on-campus employment opportunity, there are more than 80 open positions for students with varying levels of experience. And now you can find them on eRecruiting, Career Services’ job posting board.

Prefer an internship off-campus? With 250+ postings, you’ll find everything from internships in editorial at, to a controller at Goldman Sachs, to IT at IBM.

For more information on how to access and log in to eRecruiting, click here. And keep a close watch on us over the next few weeks as we post Career Services events.