Show and Tell

Building quadcopters (drones); nursing students’ negativity towards the aging; studying the effects of video gaming on attention and impulsivity—these are just a few of the research projects that were presented at the Undergraduate Research Initiative Showcase. Announcing the winners and next year’s program…

For the past two semesters, 27 student and faculty pairs have been working together on research as part of Pace’s Undergraduate Research Initiative. From gender—Toemageddon and how news media frames gender-variance and gender-neutrality to what motivated women to participate in the recent Arab Spring revolution—to genes—identifying those necessary for the development of the brain and sense of smell of zebrafish to genetic profiling studies to identify novel pathways involved in the reactivation of tuberculosis.

On April 29 in NYC and May 1 in PLV, student and faculty pairs presented their research through poster sessions and formal presentations at the Undergraduate Research Initiative Showcases. The winning pair on the PLV Campus was Biology student Ruchi Sheth and Biology and Health Sciences Professor Jack Horne, PhD, who researched genes necessary for the development of the olfactory system in zebrafish. Honorary mention went to Nursing student Chava Pollak and Nursing Professor Sharon Stahl Wexler, PhD, for their work on the impact of an aging sensitivity experience on nursing students.

“I have acquired many concrete skills over the course of this project including public speaking and time management as I juggled this project with my regular course load. Additionally, I have broken out of the insular world of a student into the world of a working professional. My eyes are wide open and I am staring at a world of opportunity, adventure, and endless possibilities for my career in nursing,” says Pollak. “Most of all, the precious and greatest gift this project has given me is an unparalleled mentor and teacher who has afforded me all these opportunities of learning, networking, and personal growth.”

The winner pair on the NYC Campus was Arts and Entertainment Management and Film and Screen Studies student AliReza Vaziri and Environmental Studies Professor Marley Bauce, who focused on campus-wide environmentalism and understanding Pace’s sustainability initiatives through its dining halls. Honorary mention went to Biochemistry student Sophia Miotto and Biology Professor JaimeLee Rizzo, PhD, for their work on the synthesis of novel compounds to treat neuromuscular disorders.

Vaziri will travel to San Francisco to continue research with Professor Judith Pajo. “I plan on continuing my research into the problems associated with food waste by traveling to San Francisco over the summer to shoot footage for my documentary film. I firmly believe that conducting interdisciplinary research is crucial before taking any initiative,” says Vaziri. “This research project has had a significant impact on my experience at Pace University. I do believe that this research has made me a stronger candidate for the GreenPace Sustainability Award and the Jefferson Community Service Award, both of which I received this year.”

You can read more about the pairings and their progress on their blogs at

Attention undergraduate students from all majors: The Pace Undergraduate Research Initiative is back for the 2013-2014 academic year! This means you, yes you, will have the opportunity to be paired up with a faculty member according to interests and background to work on a research project from September 2013 until March 2014. Interested in conducting research with a faculty member and publishing your findings and presenting at a national conference?  Apply by May 30!  For more on the student or faculty application process and requirements, click here.

Interested in something for this summer? You’re in luck! To further increase opportunities for students to undertake research with faculty, the Student-Faculty Research Program has been expanded to include summer participants this year! Apply by Friday, May 31.

All research initiatives will be recognized at end-of-year showcases on both campuses and two award winners (one on each campus) will be announced and receive an award and funding to attend a regional or national conference. In addition to recognition, you’ll gain hands-on experience and a deeper appreciation of your field, work closely with world-renowned faculty, and strengthen your research, critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills.