Good Girls Aren’t Funny

Every woman out there knows exactly what being the “good girl” means—we’ve seen her on TV and in movies, playing it safe, doing it right, and pleasing everyone around her. On April 30, former Comedy Central writer/producer and Pace Professor Holly Mandel presents an investigation into the limitations we as women perpetuate in ourselves and each other.

Performing Arts and the Women’s and Gender Studies Department are teaming up to present Good Girls Aren’t Funny, a presentation by Holly Mandel, an improv performer and former writer/producer at Comedy Central, on April 30 from 6:15 p.m.–8:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room in NYC.

Mandel’s presentation traces the development of women’s consciousness throughout history told though a personal investigation of her experiences as an improv performer and teacher, writer/producer at Comedy Central, and ultimately a woman interested in women’s leadership. Her discovery of the “good girl/good woman/good wife” structure from the modernist era began connecting dots that help explain a seemingly universal but mysterious obstacle that many women struggle with ranging from the stages at improv theaters all the way to seats in the boardroom.

Women in all fields of performance are invited to join her for a presentation which includes tracking the history of women’s development and where “The Good Girl” came from (culturally and psychologically), and most importantly, what it means to let go of her.