Critical Thinking, Critical Issues

Do you believe water pollution is illegal? Cage-free hens are contented animals? Climate change is threatening the United States with more hurricanes? Says who? Based on what? Compared to what? Join the conversation on EarthDesk, Pace Academy’s new blog.

Join the conversation on EarthDesk, a new blog launched by Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies. Examine and discuss environmental issues, innovations, and opportunities from the perspective of a University’s unique role in society: as a hub for critical thinking, a laboratory for testing ways to advance human progress, and an intellectual resource dedicated to nature and community. Read it, comment, follow it, like it, share it!

In the era of online connectivity, that role is global as well as trans-disciplinary. EarthDesk convenes thinkers and doers from the Pace University campuses, the greater New York region, and the world, across a host of disciplines–from law to art to the sciences, and more. Help advance creative thought and innovative solutions regarding topics that touch every life on the planet.

Recent Pace Academy contributors include Director Michelle D. Land, JD; Senior Fellow for Environmental Affairs John Cronin; Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding and New York Times “Dot Earth” blogger Andrew C. Revkin; and Program Coordinator Donna Kowal.

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