An Experiment Gone Right

Are you passionate about a specific subject area or topic? Stop by undergraduate research info sessions in NYC and PLV to find out what students and faculty are currently working on, how great it looks on your resume, and how you can get involved!

The sense of smell of zebrafish. The effects of video gaming on impulsive behavior in college students. Horror stories and web-based artwork. Star Trek and history. Esterases and heart failure. Literacy and the gender gap. Combating neuromuscular disorders. These are just a few of the topics students and faculty members have tackled over the last two years through funding from Pace’s Undergraduate Research Initiative. Whether you’re thinking about applying for an grant to work with a faculty member on a research project and possibly win additional funding to present at a national conference or you just want to learn more about research opportunities at Pace, it’s time for you to hear more about the Undergraduate Research Preparation Series!

Undergraduate research is an excellent way to prepare for graduate school, post-baccalaureate opportunities, and full-time jobs. If you are interested in working closely with a professor on high-level academic research at some point during your college career, you are encouraged to attend an Undergraduate Research Information Session on:

PLV Campus
Monday, February 11
12:20 p.m.-1:15 p.m.
Gottesman Room
Please RSVP to Allyson King at by February 8.

NYC Campus
Wednesday, February 13
12:20 p.m.-1:15 p.m.
Meeting Room A, Student Union
Please RSVP to Jenny Ko at by February 11.

At this session, you’ll

  • Hear from a panel of student and faculty researchers about current projects
  • Learn about the impact of scholarly research on the job application and graduate admissions process
  • Discover different kinds of research opportunities at Pace and how to become a part of Pace’s research community

Additional sessions throughout the semester will be held on topics including scholarly research and design, creating ePortfolios to showcase research, and a world of opportunities.

About the series:

The Undergraduate (UGR) Research Preparation Series, developed by the Division of Student Success, offers participants the opportunity to partake in scholarly research discussions and interactive professional development activities that help develop the skills students will need to participate in an undergraduate research experience in the future. A principal goal of the UGR Research Preparation Series is to stimulate student interaction in order to nurture a sense of community that values collaborative learning and appreciates multiple perspectives. Furthermore, the Undergraduate Research Preparation Series teaches the importance and value of engaging in professional development with faculty. Professional development of working relationships helps researchers to collaborate with experts inside and outside of their major area, to think critically about the world, and to devise strategies that lead to more informed action in addressing problems. Ultimately, students who participate in the Undergraduate Research Preparation Series will gain a better understanding of themselves and other disciplines, research approaches, and peoples.