Researching for Answers

From autism to zebrafish, follow 27 Pace students who are currently working with faculty on exciting research projects.

At most schools, funded research is reserved for graduate or doctoral students. At Pace, thanks to the Undergraduate Research Initiative, 27 students are currently paired with faculty members on projects ranging from researching the brain development and sense of smell of zebrafish to the effects of video gaming on impulsive behavior in college students to combating neuromuscular disorders through the synthesis of novel therapeutic drugs.

And you don’t have to hear us go on and on about the work they’re doing. All 27 students will be blogging about their experiences. You can hear from Dyson student Dahlia Mayerson, who’s working to identify and characterize the benefits of sibling support for people on the Autism spectrum; Lubin student Adam Bednarz, who’s looking into how a class of undergraduate students at Pace has been able to outperform professionals in the market with their student-managed investment portfolios; Seidenberg student Ariana Abramson, who’s using the newly installed solar classroom located on the Pleasantville Campus to analyze energy consumption and solar energy generation; and Dyson student Henry Li, who’s working on obesity and trying to discover an alternative to BMI that has a better predictive validity for cognitive deficits. Other topics range from breast cancer research to analyzing online community for parents with LGBTQ children, and much more! Read all about it on the Pace Undergraduate Research blog.

The Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program, now in its second year, showcases not only the great research by Pace’s faculty, but also by our diverse undergraduate student body. End-of-year showcases in April 2013 on the NYC and PLV campuses will recognize all research initiatives through formal presentations and poster sessions and winning pairs will be selected by a panel of judges and those winners will be provided funding toward conference expenses, but more info on that in the coming months.