High Fashion Meets Human Rights

Step away from the Prada and slip on… A Peace Treaty? Founders of this socially responsible luxury brand will speak about their efforts to merge their love for fashion with social responsibility.

On November 14, founders of A Peace Treaty, an exclusive international company aimed at creating ethically-produced, artisan-level accessories and apparel for the luxury fashion marketplace, will talk about what they’re doing to merge their love for fashion with social responsibility at Making Sense of Fashion and Responsibility from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Room W614, One Pace Plaza, on the NYC Campus.

Each season, A Peace Treaty visits different regions and employs textile and metal workers at above fair-trade wages and gives them the opportunity and platform to showcase their work, including at companies like Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfitters.

From their website, apeacetreaty.com: “Born in 2008, as a personal pact between Farah Malik, a Pakistani Muslim, and Dana Arbib, a Libyan Jew, A Peace Treaty creates employment for skilled artisans working in places of socio-political strife, effectively supporting their technique and craft while elevating their products to the level of high design for an exclusive and international fashion audience.”

Come out and see what A Peace Treaty has to say and find out how you can be a socially responsible shopper.