Hurricane Update

Weather Alert Update: Pace is closed on Tues, Oct. 30. Much of Lower Manhattan lost power and Fulton St. dorm was evacuated. Students moved to residences on John Street and in One Pace Plaza. >>Read More

Weather Alert Update: Pace University will be closed on Tuesday, Oct. 30.  All campuses and facilities will be closed; all classes and activities postponed until further notice. Please check the website at for updates and subscribe to Pace Alert.

As of 9:00 p.m. Monday evening, much of Lower Manhattan is without power due to preventative measures by Con Edison. The Fulton Street residence hall has been evacuated; all students residing there have been moved to residence halls on John Street and in One Pace Plaza which have power and back-up generators. The St. George hall in Brooklyn also has power. All students have food and other amenities. Security and residential life advisors are working 24/7 to assist students and can be reached at (914) 773-3400.  There are no updates for Pleasantville at this time. Please check website for further updates.