Know Means No

With knowledge comes power is the message the sisters of Omega Phi Beta are trying to get out to the Pace Community as they present their annual Serving and Educating Week of events ranging from discussions on beauty and self-image to yoga classes.

Beginning on Monday, October 8, the sisters of Omega Phi Beta Sorority–Beta Delta chapter will kick off their 2nd Annual Serving and Educating Week. A week long programming initiative held at various chapters/institutions across the nation, Serving and Educating Week is designed to provide service to diverse communities as well as educating the campus about a specific issue.

This year their theme “KNOW means NO” tackles the power and influence that comes with being a knowledgeable, educated, and socially aware individual. By being conscious of the behaviors that produce self-oppression and the oppression of marginalized populations in our generation, you can be empowered to change.

As Long As You Love Me
Monday, October 8
9:17 p.m., Gottesman Room
Learn about what defines beauty in American society and how to maintain a healthy and confident self-image. The door prize includes a gift card for a manicure and pedicure.

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office
Tuesday, October 9
9:17 p.m., Gottesman Room
Do you work nonstop without taking a lunch break? Poll colleagues before making a decision? Join the discussion on how to recognize and change behaviors that women unconsciously make that can sabotage their careers. Door prize is Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, by Lois P. Frankel, PhD.

Wednesday, October 10
9:17 p.m., Butcher Suite
Strengthen your mind at a yoga class facilitated by professional Pace instructor Sam Gluck. Yoga mats will be given away to all who attend and one person will win a spa gift basket.

Thursday, October 11
9:17 p.m., Gottesman Room
A night centered around the omnipresent illicit trade of innocent and vulnerable human beings in the 21st century.