The Pulse Wants to Be Friends

Ever read The Pulse and think “hey, why wasn’t my event listed? Why aren’t they telling my story?” Well, sometimes we Facebook-stalk you guys and think “hey, why didn’t they tell us about this?” So, let’s put all this thinking and confusion behind us and start communicating!

Let’s face it. The Pulse is only as good as the events and news that we hear about. And if you’re not telling us about all the awesome things you guys are up to, what are we supposed to bust a rhyme about and how will we come up with more headlines with alliteration? We just can’t do it without you.

If your organization is having an open mic night, we want to hear about it. If there’s a bake sale you’re hosting, we want to have some cake and share it too. If you’re a student by day, rockstar by night, we want to sing your praises. If there’s a fundraiser, a dance, a contest or challenge, a movie night or inflatable wrestling fight, we want to know about it!

What we’re saying is…we want to be friends. Not on Facebook, but in real life. So tell us all about the marathon you’re running or the Comedy Central internship of your life (see past samples here.) E-mail your stories to us. Submit your event to us. And not only will we like it, we’ll share it and say really nice things about it. See? BFFLs.