The name’s Academy. Pace Academy. This year, the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies wants you to keep your head on water as they launch the Pace .007% Campaign. >>Read More

In the short time it takes you to read these paragraphs, 3 children in the developing world will die, and 37 Americans will become ill, because of water pollution.

It does not have to be that way. You can be the difference.

The Pace University .007% Campaign (Double O-7 Campaign) will spend the 2012-2013 academic year raising awareness about the importance, and scarcity, of fresh clean water.

Why .007%? Because of the total water on the planet, that’s the miniscule amount readily available to us humans for domestic, agricultural, and industrial uses: just .007%.

Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, with support from the GreenPace Sustainability Committee, created the .007% Campaign to illustrate the real value of water in our everyday lives, and the lives of those in regions of the planet where a flowing faucet is a foreign thing.

The .007% Campaign is multifaceted. It is about health, environment, business, economics, law, technology, education, and our daily habits. It is local and it is global. Throughout the school year, the campaign will assist with courses, club programs, and extracurricular events. Whatever you are studying or teaching, whatever campus job you hold, or club to which you belong, there is a way to participate. After all, every aspect of our lives, careers, and activities is touched by water. The only limit to being involved is the extent of your imagination.

During the fall semester watch for the .007% campaign posters that contain a fact in white print inside a blue circle. Even the best Jeopardy players will be challenged to determine the question that the fact answers. Go to the .007% website to see how well you did.

Interested students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact Pace Academy to figure out how they can contribute to greater awareness of water issues in their course, club, or office. For those in the Pace community already commencing this mission, we want to hear about it!

What does water mean to you and your field of study? Probably more than you think.
Get involved at www.pace.edu/007.