Put Your Paw on Pace

Class of 2012: It seems like just yesterday you were sitting in your UNV101 class hearing all about University life. Now, you’ve lived it and you’re preparing to turn the tassel, but your relationship with Pace is far from over. Become a champion of Pace’s future by becoming a part of the senior class campaign.

My gift won’t make a difference. Pace doesn’t need the money. Someone else will do it. Wrong, wrong, and we’re not talking about someone else. We’re talking about you!

Since 1993, the Senior Class Campaign at Pace University has been a student-led initiative that raises funds in support of Pace’s Annual Fund. The Annual Fund provides vital resources and flexibility to address our university’s most pressing needs including: student financial aid, faculty recruitment, curriculum development, technology upgrades, library acquisitions, career services, and much more. Your gift will directly benefit current and future Pace Setters!

When you make your gift to the Senior Class Campaign, you will receive a vinyl cut out of the Pace Paw that you can hang on a designated space in One Pace Plaza in New York and in the Kessel Center on the Pleasantville Campus. Sign your name and/or honor someone who’s made a difference in your scholastic career; your paw is yours to personalize!

You can choose to participate individually or as a group with your favorite club or organization. When you participate as a group, you will receive a larger paw that proudly displays the name of your club or organization.

Think of the impact you can make if every senior gives $20.12. A gift that costs about the same as a cup of coffee, a slice of pizza, and a couple of cans of Red Bull can make a huge difference. Help us cover Pace with our paws!

You know the saying, some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave pawprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

Start your legacy today by contributing to the Senior Class Campaign. Visit http://www.pace.edu/seniorcampaign to put your paw on Pace!