But It Is Our Business

Pace student Daniel Hollis is one of the activists at the helm of Pace’s campaign for a sustainable environment, navigating the tricky waters of environmental business regulations and practices so we can all live in a better, cleaner, greener world. He is working to make everyone see that the environmental issues the world faces are in fact, our business as well.

By Pace student Helen Arase ’14

“I think most people in the Pace Community are already concerned about the environment and we all know the reasons why,” says Pace student Dan Hollis. “We all know that we depend on the environment for our own sustenance.  I’d say the vast majority of us agree that we need clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and clean lands on which to build our homes and grow our food.  The next step is for Pace students to start asking ‘What can I do?’”

Hollis came to Pace for the School of Law, which is one of the top three schools in the nation for environmental law and has a fantastic JD/MBA program. To him, Pace offered the opportunity to learn about environmentally conscious and socially responsible business strategies. Pace is known for its concentration on protecting the environment, and Hollis has taken full benefit of what we have to offer. He is receiving his JD with certificates in Environmental Law and International Law as well as an MBA with a dual concentration in Accounting and Strategic Management in 2013.

After graduation, Hollis’ plans may include working within a company or working outside a company as a consultant or activist. But before we look too far into the future, let’s look at his impressive resume now:

  • He has interned at the Pace University Institute of International Commercial Law at the Law School, where he worked as part of a team of three students investigating current trends in international contracting regarding the development and increased use of sustainability clauses in international supplier agreements.
  • He has also worked with the National Council for Science and the Environment. There, he wrote articles on various laws and government agencies whose support includes environmental issues.
  • Hollis is also part of the GreenPace Committee, a team committed to advancing sustainability at Pace. If you’re interested in anything from energy and water usage, to transportation and dining services, Hollis encourages you to join GreenPace and help Pace save the world, one step at a time.