Don’t be Detrimental, Go Environmental!

Are you interested in being a little greener? The Pace Community is invited to celebrate Earth Month every day in April, here at Pace! >>Read More

By Pace student Helen Arase ’14

Pace has always been a leader in environmental studies, so why not take advantage of learning and participating with some of the best? There will be at least 30 programs this month to excite and inspire you and your classmates to have a little more appreciation of what’s around us.

So, how did Earth day grow from one day to one month? Nine years ago, Angelo Spillo, director of the Environmental Center, started Earth Month, as a way for the Pace Community to extend Earth Day and learn to fully appreciate the environment. He says, “It’s very rewarding because now it has evolved into an interdisciplinary event that involves all components of Pace,
including faculty, staff, and students from all of our schools and departments.”

All events are open to the Pace Community. So, what are a few of the events that you should definitely attend? There’s the Wild World of Animals that features 14 interesting animals—from scorpions to legless lizards—sponsored by N.A.T.U.R.E., Pace’s Environmental Club. Interested in photography? There will be an exhibition available for viewing April 18 to April 26. What about solar power? On April 19, the unveiling of the solar classroom provided by Con Edison is sure to be eye-opening. And who doesn’t want to see those marvelous birds of prey on the Pleasantville Campus?

“Who shouldn’t be interested in the environment? It is important to all of us; we only have one earth,” says James Eyring, Assistant Director of the Environmental Center, who is leading the Birds of Prey presentation, fitness trail hike, and various
other events.

And after Earth Month is over, let’s take our newfound knowledge out into the world. Eyring hopes that we will take our passion for protecting the environment into the real world to inspire future generations to help out by teaching, creating policies, restructuring how corporations view nature, and living sustainably.

So why not come on down and participate? You can definitely learn something new, even if you attend only one event. Our earth is important to all of us and what we do to it affects everyone. Let’s all be clean, green, environmental machines!

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And make sure to stay tuned this month as I profile a few different students and faculty members helping to make Pace a greener place!