All American Bigotry

On April 3, prominent media professionals, activists, and artists stop by the NYC Campus to talk about their effort to combat Islamaphobia.

The Center for Community Action and Research, Student Advisory Committee to Project Pericles, Honors College, Muslim Students Association, Gotham House, and Political Science Department will bring you All American Bigotry? Media, Art, and Activism in the Age of Islamaphobia on Tuesday, April 3, from 5:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. in the Student Union in NYC.

Hear from a panel of media professionals, activists, and artists including:

  • Mahyad Tousi—Co-founder and CEO of BoomGen Studios, the company that provides creative, publicity, and marketing consulting to TLC on the TV show, All-American Muslim.
  • Daisy Khan—Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), a non-profit dedicated to strengthening an expression of Islam based on cultural and religious harmony & building bridges between Muslims and the public.
  • Cyrus McGoldrick (aka Raskol Khan)—American-Muslim rapper and Civil Rights Manager of CAIR, NYC (Council of American Islamic Relations)
  • Neda Sarmast—Iranian-American documentary filmmaker, heading up the mission of fostering global youth dialogue with her film Nobody’s Enemy.
  • Kamrooz Aram—Contemporary artist whose work explores themes relating to systems of belief, including nationalist, religious, and artistic ideologies.

Professor Satish Kolluri, Department Of Communication Studies, will moderate the panel.