Student By Day, Crime-Fighting Activist Beauty Queen By Night

Pace student Kristi Hey is doing it all. In between IT classes and winning pageants, this beauty queen is busting bad guys and raising awareness about the #1 killer of teens—motor vehicle accidents. >>Read More

Kristi Hey is not your average college student, unless your average college student is a crime-fighting, crown-wearing activist.

After having earned her BS in Criminal Justice from Pace in 2010, Kristi is finishing up her MS in Internet Technology concentrating on security assurance this May. When she’s not taking classes, you may find her putting her classroom learning to good use at the U.S. Probation Office for the Southern District of New York, where she monitors the computer activity of federally convicted sex offenders and hopes to one day work with the FBI cyber division or the  Department of Homeland Security.

For the past few years, Kristi has competed in the Miss America Organization local pageants. But in August 2011, she became ineligible to compete in the Miss category when she married her college sweetheart and fellow Pace alumnus and student, John Hey. This didn’t stop her.

Kristi began competing as a Mrs. Contestant and won the Mrs. Bristol 2012 crown. On February 4, 2012, she will compete in the Mrs. Connecticut America Pageant, the official preliminary to the Mrs. America Pageant, held at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Each contestant chooses a cause in which they dedicate their year of service to as Mrs. CT America 2012. Kristi, whose platform during the Miss competitions was “Teens Against Destructive Driving,” has slightly adapted her cause but will continue the fight for safe driving awareness, choosing “Families Against Dangerous Driving Decisions.”

“This is more than just a cause to me,” says Kristi, whose close friend was killed in a car accident along with three other teens in 2007. “I am hoping that if I become Mrs. CT America 2012, I will then be able to meet with the governor of CT Dannel P. Malloy to discuss driving rules and regulations for teen drivers in CT.”

“I don’t want other people to hurt like everyone who knew all of the teens lost that night. I want change to happen!” says Kristi.

Passionate about her cause, she created a charity 5k race to bring awareness to safe driving and the need to eliminate motor vehicle accident fatalities, which is the number one killer of teenagers. The race, 3.1 Miles of Memories, will take place at 10:00 a.m. on March 24 in Terryville, CT, and includes walking and running events, a kids run, and a safe driving expo, where local groups and businesses will have safe driving information, food, games, prizes, etc. Proceeds will be donated to the Mourning Parents ACT (!MPACT), a nonprofit organization whose members travel around the state to educate teens and families on the dangers of distracted driving and how just a moment can change families lives.

And she needs all the Pace help she can get!

“I would love and encourage the Pace Community to consider coming out to this event. I know that motor vehicle accidents do hit home in the Pace Community after the tragic loss of DJ Henry,” Kristi says.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends can visit the 3.1 Miles of Memories website to register for the race. The first 200 pre-registered participants will receive a free race t-shirt!

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