Financial Aid FTW

FAFSA got you down? Can’t understand your award letter? What is the Master Promissory Note and how in the world do you sign it? If you’ve struggled with your financial aid, then you’ve come to the right place! Pace’s Financial Aid office has launched screencasts to give you instant answers to the most common questions.

Figuring out your financial aid can be a nightmare, but now, thanks to Pace’s Financial Aid Office, it’s practically a dream. Well, almost…I mean, it’s still financial aid!

The office has launched the Financial Aid 101 Screencasts, a series of short video tutorials on how to properly and efficiently fill out your financial aid forms. Whether you’re having trouble filling out the FAFSA, understanding your award letter, or signing that pesky Master Promissory Note, these screencasts will help you understand your financial aid and secure it!

Don’t worry about standing in line at the Financial Aid Office or having to get answers over the phone, you now get instant answers to the most common financial aid questions 24/7!

Parents fill out your forms? Spread the word! For more information or to go straight to the videos, visit