Career Services Student Spotlight

Pace student Allison Gimbert ’12 is working toward a mission. Hear all about her latest Wilson Center Funded Internship and how she thinks social justice is more important than a yacht.

Allison Gimbert ’12

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a senior and I am majoring in Marketing, concentrating in Advertising and Promotion. I’m from Connecticut but I have been living in NYC for about four years now. I will probably stay here for at least a couple more years after college.

What co-op/internships are you currently participating in or have completed?
I just finished a marketing internship for an organization called Older Adults Technology Services. They are a non-profit with the mission to change the way people age, and also change the negative views that surround aging. They hold free classes around the city that teach seniors how to use computers. A lot of older adults do not know how to use the internet, let alone smartphones, iPads, etc. I interned for a division of OATS called Senior Planet. The internship with OATS was a Wilson Center Funded Internship. For the most part, I used online marketing to raise awareness of the upcoming launch of their website. This past spring, I interned for a real estate agent. I would go around the city photographing apartments for rent and then advertise them for her. It was fun.

How did you get involved with Career Services and what resources would you recommend to other students?
I got involved with Career Services by attending the resume and interview workshops. I would recommend the one-on-one meetings with your counselor. The workshops are good, but you really need to sit down and go over your resume piece by piece with someone who knows what they are doing. You can’t do that in a workshop. And honestly, you might think going on the internet and googling what a resume should look like is enough, but it’s not. It is not going to put you ahead of the hundreds of other people applying for your job. Walking across the street to 41 Park Row might be a difficult trek, but just do it. You’ll thank me when you have an awesome internship. Also, have your counselor help you with your cover letter. One mistake in your cover letter will cost you the chance to interview. Employers won’t even bother to look at your resume.

What do you like most about being a Pace University student?
Pace is a small community. That is what I like. Your professors know your name. You are not 1 in a class of 300. When I was a freshman I took a class and there were, at most, 12 people in that class. I loved it. I got to know everyone. What makes Pace a great school is that you can build strong relationships with professors and students. You are not just your Student ID# to your professors. Sure it’s easier for them to know when you skip, and when you haven’t spoken in class, but you also have a huge advantage over bigger schools.

What are your plans for the future? 
I plan to try to find a career path I enjoy. It will probably be in marketing. I really like the idea of working in a non-profit. Working toward a mission, rather than revenue is more fulfilling. I’m not saying I wouldn’t love a high paying job, but social justice is more important than a yacht.

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