Show Some Pace Pride

The LGBTQA and Social Justice Center celebrates Transgender Awareness Month with a series of events including film screenings, discussions, sex ed seminars, and more. Plus, the University introduces a brand new Queer Studies minor beginning spring 2012.

The LGBTQ and Social Center has had a busy semester, but the programming isn’t over! This month, join the Center at a variety of events they have planned for Transgender Awareness Month, including  a talk on November 10 with Nathan Mankse, founder of “I’m from Driftwood,” a website that shares the stories of LGBTQ individuals from around the world to show youth that they’re not alone; several documentary screenings including Venus Boyz on November 10, Gun Hill Road on November 15, and She’s a Boy I Knew on November 21; a Pride Around the World table at the international culture fair on November 14; a discussion on gender with Princeton Society Fellow, Tey Meadow on November 18; a Babeland Seminar on LGBTQ sex education on November 28; and more! On November 20, the Center will recognize the 13th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. For the full schedule of events hosted by the LGBTQA and Social Justice Center, click here.

In addition to events showcasing Pace pride, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies is proud to announce a brand new Queer Studies minor! If you’re interested in courses that examine LGBTQ topics, history, and culture from a queer perspective, then this minor is the right choice for you.  Courses examine the significance of same-sex desire or cross-gender identification throughout history, and across a variety of global cultures. The minor can be declared starting in Spring 2012. For more information, click here.

Visit the LGBTQ and Social Justice Center website for a full list of resources offered.