Student Spotlight: From Career Services to Camelot

Career Services sat down with Pace student Ashley Lyublinsky, who completed a spring internship with one of the largest privately-owned strategic marketing and media services companies in the country.

Ashley, right, on a site visit by Career Services

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Ashley Lyublinsky. I’m 20 years old and majoring in Communications. I hail from Florida. With my major I plan on working in media or the entertainment industry. I am a senior at Pace and that is really exciting/nerve wrecking. 

What co-op/internships are you currently participating in or have completed?
In spring semester 2011 I interned at Camelot Communications. Really cool hands on experience internship, which saved me from getting a Metrocard because I could walk there. I learned a lot from Camelot and made friends while I was there. I am really glad that this was my first internship because I learned so much and made really good connections, and it didn’t scare me from doing more internships in the future.

How did you get involved with Career Services and what resources would you recommend to other students?
I became involved with Career Services because I was not finding the internships I wanted on my own. I got tired of going on interviews for sketchy Craiglists ads, so I thought if this service is here–I should take advantage of it. I would say that other students should really look into Career Services. They give interview tips/advice that most people my age wouldn’t even think of. Also having a counselor assigned to you to help you with your resume or any questions you have is a fantastic tool.

What do you like most about being a Pace University student?
Pace has taught me a lot life lessons that I know will be valuable in my future. I have experienced a lot of disappointment within my three years here, but it has taught me that not everything is always going to be exactly how you want it to be. Along with the bad, comes the good. I have made awesome friends here and I have taken some really cool classes with great professors. Also the location isn’t too shabby. We are like fifteen minutes from Chinatown/SoHo! Who doesn’t love them some good chinese food?!

What are your plans for the future? 
I don’t know what my plans are exactly. I still have a year left here (I hope) and within that time I know I will change my mind endless amounts of times. Either start working, so I can start paying off my debts or just take a year off and explore the world. I would love to move out west and really be able to get into the entertainment industry. Whatever my plans end up being, I know I will make the most out of everything and that I will be successful no matter what.

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