A Tough Act to Follow

You don’t need to depend on the kindness of strangers for the opportunity to see these rarely produced one-act plays by Tennessee Williams.

You’re probably familiar with The Glass Menagerie, and maybe you’ve even cried out “Stella!” but chances are, you’ve never seen Tennessee Williams quite like this. La MaMa Experimental Theater Club and the Department of Performing Arts have come together to present us with three rarely-seen Tennessee Williams productions. The festival, running March 4 through March 6 at La MaMa in NYC features three one-act plays with characters including a New Orleans transvestite, a paralyzed man, and lovers on the brink.

And Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Queens is the funny and touching story of a New Orleans transvestite trying to make a life for herself with a brutish and exploitative sailor while suffering from “the specter of loneliness.”  In The Remarkable Rooming House of Madame Le Monde, a mysteriously paralyzed man moves around his attic by swinging from hooks as he prepares for the arrival of his old friend. And in The Pink Bedroom features a man and his mistress in the setting where they’ve conducted their 10-year affair as each blames the other for the disintegration of their relationship.

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