Student By Day, Fashionista By Night

Communications major Maria Alexa Gee ’12 may not hold a golden ticket to New York Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a front-row seat to all the couture and catwalks.

Last week, the New York Daily News stopped by Maria Alexa Gee’s NYC dorm room for a photo shoot for an article they ran in Sunday’s paper. You know, just an average day for this Pace student.

The topic at-hand: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. And they definitely chose the right person to talk to.

Maria, whose blog Student Style: NYC is a little Vogue meets Page Six meets E!’s Fashion Police, not only covers the runway’s finest, she roams the halls of One Pace Plaza looking for students.

“I take pictures of Pace students that I think are well-dressed,” she said. “I’ll compare them to higher fashion or even a fashion icon I think they resemble.”

And the students are catching on to her fashion fury.

“People see me walking around with a camera and they’re like ‘omg, are you the fashion blogger?'”

Aside from picking out Pace’s best dressed folks, Maria covers fashion trends and shows all over the world and shares them with her blog and Facebook followers. And, like many other fashionistas, she’s following the exclusive New York Fashion Week happening now.

“It’s like the Greek myth about the guy [Tantalus] who is always hungry, but he can’t reach the fruit,” she told the Daily News. “It’s right uptown, but I can’t get into it.”

When she’s not studying or blogging, Maria’s working toward her dream job in entertainment or fashion as an intern at The Food Network. There she works with the international branch to help distribute The Food Network around the globe, including South Africa, as well as working with mobile applications, Facebook, and Twitter.

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