Go Greek!

NPHC, PANHEL, NALFO, IFC. If you’re thinking “It’s all Greek to me,” well, you’re right. Greek Life events are everywhere you turn on the PLV Campus, so it’s time to get your Greek on!

Greek Life
NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) has been keeping you busy this week with Time with the Divine Nine, Life After the Yard, and Battle of the Sexes on February 10. On February 11, NPHC Recruitment week ends with Trading Places.

And don’t you worry about the next week. PANHEL picks up where NPHC leaves off on February 11 with an open house, where you’ll get a chance to meet the five Panhellenic sororities on campus. The fun continues with Philanthropy and Sisterhood on February 12, Preference on February 13, and the big Bid Day on February 18.

NALFO and IFC are also looking for some love at three separate events on February 14: the I Love NALFO Table,  IFC Orientation, and Beat the Greeks, a fun game show type event a la Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks. Other events include NALFO’s Greek by Association and a Joint IFC Recruitment event on February 15, a NALFO exhibition with the what-to-wear’s and DKE Recruitment week pool tournament on February 16, Greek After the Hype where alumni will talk about how they continue to be engaged with their chapters on February 17, and a Bid Day party on February 19.

Check out times, dates, and locations of all events here!