The Blog Days Aren’t Over

Students getting jiggy with it in Ireland, auditioning for American Idol, and calling out some of our fashion faux pas. The blogs are alive with the sound of music…and military trends.

Dyson students are taking to the blogosphere to tell their stories. And boy, are they interesting! English major Jillian Gorry puts a cork in all the senior year study abroad naysayers as she blogs about her life-changing fall semester overseas in Cork, Ireland. Communication studies major Kevin Eng dishes on how an American Idol audition, a stint as Elvis on a cruise ship, and a comm class helped him decide upon a music minor. Another communication studies major Maria Gee keeps us sweatpants and Uggs wearers on our toes by talking fashion fines and fashion’s finest on her Student Style Blog.

The Pace Student Blogs site is also on the look out for more student bloggers. E-mail if you’re interested in a space to be heard!

And students aren’t the only ones hanging around the blogosphere. Some of our deans, including Seidenberg Dean Connie Knapp, Lubin Dean Neil Braun, and Dyson Dean Nira Herrmann are taking to the blogs to K.I.T. with you.