The $3,000 Letter

Pen pals are fun. A $3,000 pen pal who can help you change legislation? Well, there isn’t the right word to describe that.

Passionate about a current public policy issue and want your elected officials to know about it? Project Pericles invites students from Pace  to participate in an opportunity to research, develop, and advocate their opinions on a current public policy issue. Students (in groups of two or more) with the best letters will be invited to attend the 2011 Debating for Democracy (D4D) National Conference being held on March 24 and 25 on Pace’s NYC Campus, and will present and discuss their letter with a panel of current and former elected officials and public policy experts.

Project Pericles will provide a $3,000 award to the students who submit the best letter. In consultation with Project Pericles, the students can use this money to fund advocacy and education activities including lobbying trips and workshops. Letters must be submitted to your Project Pericles Program Director by February 2. For submission guidelines, click here.

The D4D conference will bring student leaders from each of the 28 Periclean colleges and university to Pace for workshops, keynote addresses, and panel discussions that will introduce students to experts from the world of civic engagement, education, environment, politics, public policy, and social entrepreneurship.

For more information contact Sangeeta Rao at, or 212-346-1541.