All Hands on Tech

Tonight, American Idol meets venture capital at “Are You Serious?” and on November 16 and 17, Seidenberg brings you some of the hottest names in IT: a record label CEO, a successful IT consultant and author, and a group of talented folks who believe that Internet Is People.

There’s a whole lot going on in techieland and Seidenberg has it covered!

Tonight, November 11, The Hatchery hosts “Are You Serious?” at Pace. A monthly pitch event focused on technology entrepreneurship, participants have five minutes to present their concept to a panel. Blackberry will be in attendance to talk about their newest product, and $10,000 in prizes will be given away! 

On November 16, Ernest von Simson, senior partner of IT consultancy Ostriker von Simson, will talk about his new book Limits of Strategy and give you a glimpse into the changes in markets, technologies, and business models in a presentation in Lecture Hall West from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

On November 17, we have two big events for you: Co-CEO and founder Matt Siegal, who was named to Billboard’s “30 Under 30” Power Players of the music industry in 2010, will talk about his record label Indaba Music, a collaborative platform for an international community of musicians, and give you a crash course on the tools available for artists to network, educate, produce, and distribute their work from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. in One Pace Plaza’s Lecture Hall North. 

Later in the evening, Internet Is People and Seidenberg host a discussion with some tech-savvy folks sharing stories about changing higher ed through innovative technology. Inspired by Inside The Actors Studio, this series will tell the stories of these people, their lives and professional experiences, and the moments when they determined that the internet was an avenue for them to make their dreams into reality. This event highlights:

  • Jeremy Johnson, Chief Managing Officer of online education transformer, 2tor;
  • Kevin Prentiss, CEO of Swift Kick, an education company that provides the training, technology, and community to move students from apathy to engagement;
  • and Pace professor Christelle Scharff, who works with students, programmers, and communities in Cambodia, Senegal, and India to produce mobile solutions.

For details on each event, click here.