Let’s Talk About Gender

More than two dozen professors from some of the most prestigious law schools in the country including Harvard, Columbia, and Chicago, will come to the Pace Law School to discuss the role of gender and sex in international law.

The Dean and Faculty of Pace Law School invite all students, faculty, and staff to “After Gender? Examining International Justice Enterprises,” a Pace Law Review symposium on November 12 in WP.  

The symposium will expand our understanding of the role of gender and sex in international law.  Traditionally, international law’s gender analysis has focused on women to the exclusion of other sexes.  More recent efforts, including those in international criminal law, the United Nations, and other international organizations, have attempted a broader understanding of gender. 

Janet Halley, Royall Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, will give the keynote address and more than two dozen panelists and commentators from law schools around the world will convene to address topics such as: the role of “women,” “men,” and transpeople/intersex people in gender equality; human rights beyond sex and gender; and prospects for international gender norms.