It’s Showtime at the Schimmel

Now you don’t have to trek up to the Apollo to catch an amateur night that will knock your socks off. On November 11, P.A.C.E Board looks for the next big thing and has $2,300 in prizes to give away. Are you who they’re looking for

In one week, students will sing, dance, and showcase some other extraordinary (or just plain weird) talent on the Schimmel Theater stage for a chance at prizes and recognition at P.A.C.E. Board’s Amateur Night.  Prizes include two $400 vocal and non-vocal prizes, a $400 group prize, and a $1,000 overall prize.

If you’re not performing, you can still participate in the event–and we don’t just mean watching this awesome showcase. Where Randy, Paula, Kara, Ellen, Simon, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler should sit will be you. No, they’re not looking for a few judges; they’re looking for a few hundred. A la Amateur Night at the Apollo, students will be the judge of who’s the best. If you love the performer, wave your green glowlight; If you don’t, wave the red.

Additionally, a celebrity comedian host will have you LOLing when you’re not OMGing at the talent here at Pace. Who is it? Well, it’s the star ABC’s hit 90’s show Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and one of the hosts of Showtime at the Apollo Marc Curry.

Be at the Schimmel on November 11 at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

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