Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned….

Jack took to heart his second grade nun’s teaching that no matter how evil a life he led, he could still go to heaven provided he made a perfect deathbed confession. Will Father Gallagher be able to offer heavenly salvation as he encounters the most bizarre confession of his career?

A new season of Hudson Stage Company productions is upon us! On October 29, the world premiere of James McLindon’s new comedy Salvation makes its way to the Woodward Hall Theatre on the Briarcliff Campus.

Salvation is a black comedy about Jack, a dying criminal convinced he will go to heaven as long as he makes the perfect deathbed confession.  Attended by his only son and grappling with their complicated relationship, enter Father Gallagher to hear a confession he (and you!) won’t see coming.

The show runs on weekends through November 13, with a Q&A on November 7. For showtimes and ticket information, click here.