Environmental Problem Solving

Advocacy, meet Technological Innovation. Now can you two quit the frenemying and work together to save our world? Thanks.

Advocacy and technology have each played a part in our environmental successes and failures to date, but to what degree should each be leveraged as we face new environmental challenges? Has advocacy lost its way? Is technology a blessing, curse, or both? Where Activism Meets Technological Innovation: The Challenge of Environmental Problem Solving, a roundtable discussion, will explore the relative value of advocacy and technology as well the notion that a union of the two may be our only way forward on November 1 in PLV.

Speakers include Pace Academy senior fellows  and environmental experts and scholars John Cronin and Andrew Revkin, and Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Janisse Ray.

Additionally Ray, who has organized movements and organizations to protect the environment and has written three books about it, including a memoir about growing up in a junkyard in the ruined longleaf pine ecosystem of the Southeast, “Ecology of a Cracker Childhood,” will lead classes, workshops, informal discussions, and speak at upcoming Pace conference “The Good Life,” as part of her November 1-5 residency at the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies through the Council of Independent Colleges’ Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Program.