Measuring Up: Kick Your Career Into High Gear

The big PLV Career Fair may have come and gone, but there’s still plenty going on that’ll help get your career going before you even graduate!

Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? NBD. Check out some of these events below. Know what you want to be? Well, we’ve got the connections for you!

Got your eye on a career in marketing?  A panel of leading industry professionals in advertising, sales management, online marketing, and brand management discuss the skills that you’ll need on October 26 in PLV. All majors welcome!

Interested in learning how to put your liberal arts or business degree to use?  Meet with a panel of successful professionals who majored in your field at a Lunch and Learn on October 27 in NYC.

Want to join the Society for Human Resources Management and get your resume workshopped? October 27, NYC, be there.

Interested in hearing from a panel of successful female entrepreneurs about what it takes to overcome obstacles? Head to the Phenomenal Women Forum on October 27 in PLV.

Getting your MP(hip-hip-hoor)A(y)? Hear about careers in public administration from a panel of experts working in the field, followed by a Q&A on October 28 at the Grad Center in WP.

Attention teachers: Don’t think we forgot about you! A special workshop for graduating students who are currently student teaching and enrolled in the Senior Seminar, where you’ll learn about job search, the hiring process, and resume writing on October 29 in PLV.

Are you a grad student in need of help? Get to the Career Coaching Clinic on November 1 in NYC.

Want to know how you can Facebook toward a full-time job? Learn to use social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get you closer to the job of your dreams at Job Search 2.0 Using Social Media on November 2 in NYC.

And remember, Career Services always has workshops going on. Learn how to ace the interview at interview workshops on October 26 and 27.

New to Co-op? Welcome…but remember, you must sign up for a Co-op Orientation Workshop, with upcoming sessions on October 27 and 28.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!