Pace’s Great Race Begins Tonight!

If you’re not already making moves toward the Step Show in PLV tonight, you better get to steppin’, because there’s an iPad at stake.

So, you’re obviously interested in winning an iPad if we got you here. So let’s get right to it! 

Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) in PLV is bringing you Pace’s Great Race–Homecoming Social Media Contest 2010. This weekend, each of the five big Homecoming events will have a riddle (Step Show, Pep Rally/Banners, Football Game, President’s Dinner, and Fabulicious).  The riddles will be announced on SDCA’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The riddles will be posted to both pages 30 minutes before the event and re-posted at the start of the event. The contest will be closed 30 minutes after the event ends. Contestants will solve the riddle by taking a picture of the answer and sending it to with their name, year level, and Pace e-mail. Please include the name of the event in the subject. In order to be eligible to win the grand prize, contestants must answer four of the five riddles correctly. The contestants who answer all four correctly will have their names placed in a raffle to win the grand prize:  a hug from the Pulse editor’s grandma…kidding! The prize is really a 16GB Apple iPad, but you can hug our grandma if you want!