Define Your Own Road in Life

Roadtrip Nation is making a pit stop at Pace next week and we want you to stop by and find out how you can get the show on the road (or vice versa). Roadtrip Nation believes in a life fueled by passion, and supports, empowers, and encourages individuals who want to define their own roads in life. Think MTV’s Road Rules…with heart.

The RV is pulling up to campus on October 19, so it’s time for you to hit the road, Jack. Head for the hills, Jill. Just get on the bus, Russ. Please don’t make us go on. Just get yourself over to the Roadtrip Nation event in NYC for a screening of footage from the PBS documentary series that follows the adventures and discoveries of road-tripping students as they cross the nation in search of insight. Students will also have the opportunity to apply to hit the road through the Behind the Wheel RV trips.

Roadtrip Nation encourages students to hit the road to interview people who have made lives out of doing what they love.  The Roadtrip Nation Campus Tour visits colleges and communities across the country, inspiring students to define their own roads in life.  Visit the Green RV on your campus and find out how to get involved in the Roadtrip Nation Movement and read more about Roadtrip Nation at