Belly Dancing, Cook Offs, and Dominoes!

The next week’s worth of 50 Days and 50 Nights is filled with food, dancing, more food, more dancing, and some dominoes (and Domino’s, too.) Check out what happening in PLV!

Like to eat and dance? Well, then you’re going to L-O-V-E what’s coming up in PLV.

On September 20, SOCA (that’s Students of Caribbean Awareness, for those of you not hip to the acronyms) hosts Domino(e)s Domination. The name says it all: you will be eating and playing! We’re talking a dominoes tournament (the game: featuring team and individual competitions and prizes) as well as the pizza (and other snacks and refreshments) so RSVP on Facebook!

Interested in some more food? Munch with DPhiE on September 21; enjoy a picnic under the stars with Nu Zeta Phi or sundaes with ASAP (African Students Association at Pace), both on September 22; and get your Cottage School Cookoff on with Phi Sigma Sigma on September 24.

Just wanna dance? OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students) hosts the Pasos Del Corazon dance marathon to celebrate Latin Heritage week and bring together the Latinos on campus and create a strong sense of pride on September 22; DHOSA (Desi Heritage of South Asians) teaches you some belly dancing moves on September 23; and OLAS hosts Tropical Haze, a mocktini, music, and mingling end-of-summer party also on September 23.

What’s next on the schedule?  Speed dating, trips to Dorney Park, a Bollywood Wedding and more are all in your immediate future! Stay up to date here.