Trash to Treasure

You know what they say: Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Whether this can be proven, we don’t know, but you can tell us either way if you stop by the Trash to Treasure Bazaar on September 12 in PLV!

Are you buying your back to school stuff and getting ready to decorate that dorm room? Well, before you spend more than you have to at your local Target or IKEA, check out what was collected from students moving out last semester at the Trash to Treasure Bazaar on September 12 in PLV.

You’ll find many of the items you need to move in at deep discounts that could save you some serious cash. Pick up lamps for $3.50 and tables for $5.00. All of the items can be reserved here. This stuff may be used, but it’s all still good!

The Trash to Treasure Bazaar is a program of the Student Sustainability Subcommittee of the GreenPace Committee, and 100% of the profits go to sustainability efforts on campus.

And that’s not all: Have you heard about the Adopt-a-Bin program? If you’re part of a student organization and would like some advertising, this program will help you get it. All you need to do is support the Clean Campus Pledge.

If all of these green goodies are right up your alley, nominate your friends, faculty, or others who are developing innovative services that help Pace meet its commitment to sustainable practices, for a GreenPace Award.