The 2010 Pawscar Awards

The votes are in, the ballots have been counted, the people (that’s you) have spoken. So without further ado, we present you with the 2010 Pawscar Awards.

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Almost 150 nominees; 13 categories and 1 write-in. No commercial breaks or fancy music to cut off long, teary speeches. Today, we present you with the 2010 Pawscar Awards (think Oscar, but with Paws). If you didn’t get your vote in on time or have a bone to pick (that’s right, we went there) with the winners, we encourage you to take it to the comments. We welcome your suggestions and feedback, but please keep it polite. Nobody likes a sore loser, after all. We’re talking to YOU, dubious write-in Choate House dungeon.

Additionally, this will be our last themed summer issue, so thank you for checking in on our A to Z’s, freebies, volunteering, and more. We’re off next week for the last time before we resume weekly issues on September 2. Keep your eyes peeled.

Now let’s get on with the show!