You’ve Got (g)Mail!

If 70 times more e-mail storage space and video chatting and a whole lot of Google is the answer you’ve been looking for, well then we’ve got the question: Why haven’t you signed up for our Google Apps for Education yet?

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More than 8 million students use Google Apps for Education and now, thanks to a partnership between Pace and Google, you are one of them. So what does this mean?

  • Tired of deleting messages to stay under quota? In the words of the great Kelly Clarkson “never again!” Gone are the “Your mailbox is almost full” messages, since you’ll now be getting more than 7GB, which is 70 times more storage space than you had before you went on summer vacation;
  • Your parents may no longer tell you what to do, but fortunately your calendar can. Now you’ve also got Google Calendar, which allows you to share and coordinator calendars and schedule resources from your computer or mobile device;
  • Would you like to overwrite this file? Nope, thanks to Google Docs, a word processing app that doesn’t just give you access to the same document, it allows you to work on it at the same time from anywhere in the world; 
  • KIT (that’s keep in touch) with Google Talk, which supports free instant messaging, calling, voicemail, and file transfer;
  • Let’s do the wave! Google Wave, a team project app that allows you to collaborate in one space using instant talk, polls, and more, from anywhere around the world; See the comment below from our CIO, Ravi, who gave us some (wave) breaking news: Wipe out! 

Oh, and we can keep going: Google voice and video chat; Google Groups; you can even “Google” your own Gmail and find the message you’re looking for in seconds.  You’re going to be all Googled out by the end of the semester. Actually, there’s no such thing. Come on, it’s GOOGLE!

Let IT answer your frequently asked questions and then click here to get yourself started in Google Apps.

For more information on what Google has to offer, check out the Google Apps for Education website.