Your Educational Passport to Success

Resume, schmesume. At Pace, we help you stand out from the other job and internship hunters. Actually, we don’t just help you stand out, we help give you the educational passport to show where you’ve been and what you’ve learned.

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We have one (very powerful) word for you: ePortfolios. An online collection of all your work, ePortfolios showcase your accomplishments, give you the opportunity to creatively represent yourself and your education, and so much more.    

ePortfolios are a means of collecting, selecting, and reflecting on your academic work and other materials that will be useful in your  professional life. You can post files, images, videos, and blogs that show your success and progress as a student while enriching your learning, preparing you for your field of work, and sharpening your technological skills.

Pace piloted the program during the Spring 2010 semester with 20 classes and 230 students, and the pilot was so successful that all Pace students will have access to ePortfolios when they arrive in early September.

Dive into your ePortfolio.  And don’t worry about the how’s. Click here to learn how you can get started on stamping your passport to success!