Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative SWEETS

Whether you’re interested in FREE Microsoft Office Enterprise, a Dell of a deal, or up to 85% off the latest and greatest computer software, ITS has got you covered.

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So you want Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and more) and Microsoft Forefront Client Security? Done and free.

Thinking of buying a Dell netbook and want to pay, say, half the price for it? Well, you’re in business right here

Rather a sleek new MacBook Pro? We already covered that in our How Bout Them Apples story, and you’re really going to want to read that one. Really, there’s a free iPod Touch involved.

Are you jonesing for Adobe Creative Suite, but wishing that the deal was just a little sweeter? Well, meet JourneyEd. She’s about to whisper some serious sweet somethings in your ear about saving 85%. That’s right, 85%! Read about this major savings and tons more on the IT Discounts site.