Home is Where the OUT House Is

What’s the coolest house in Dyson? The OUT House. That’s right we said it (hey, they named it!) Learn more about this techie house and its four sisters, which also have cool names, but not nearly as fun logos.

If you’ve seen The Terminator, played Grand Theft Auto, or used Facebook, then, according to the Online University Technopolis (OUT) House, you know that the apocalypse is coming. 

One of Dyson’s five Houses (the others are Body and Mind House, Gotham House, Green House, and One World House), OUT House is Dyson College’s version of a virtual fall-out shelter.

So what does this mean for you? Rather than simply hide behind Pace University’s firewall, OUT House members will train for the future, mastering the forces that are bringing about our ruin. This year, the focus will be primarily on media such as film and television, examining how they shape beliefs and the ways we are shaped by them. Rather than just analyze, OUT House members will adopt a hands-on approach to media studies.

Each House has a faculty “don” and a peer leader to organize events (especially the social and competitive ones) and give guidance.

If you want to learn more about the OUT House, the overarching evil genius behind the Houses is Bill Offutt, Associate Professor of History. E-mail him your questions or send him a message on AIM at billoffutt.