How Do You Like Them Apps?

From tracking free food to mobile messaging, eight finalists showcase their apps to compete for cash prizes on December 6. And your vote will make it hAPPen.

If it’s an app-y meal you want, then maybe you’ll go with Bon-App & Eat or OrdrIT. StressMeNot will have you singing, don’t worry, be app-y. And if you’re tired of making an app-ointment to see your friends, We Go Together will put the fun back in your life and on your calendar. These are just a few of the eight finalists presenting concept designs for their mobile apps at the Pace Mobile App Design Contest finals hosted by Pace’s Entrepreneurship Lab on December 6 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the eLab on the NYC Campus.

The free, open exhibition will give you the opportunity to meet and hear from all finalists and vote for your favorite to win $500, $250, and $100 prizes.

The eight finalists are:

Bon-App & Eat, created by Dyson student Michelle Davret and staff member David Tryk, is a social-network application that provides the Pace Community up-to-the-minute information about events that have free food and other give-always on each campus.

OrdrIT, created by Lubin student Casey Loeber, will make eating at a sporting event less fussy by allowing you to choose your food and pay for it right from your seat, and either have your food delivered right to your seat or be alerted when your order is filled for pick up at an express lane.

PaceBook, created by Lubin student Kamal Kherridden, is the one-stop app for Pace students on the NYC Campus to trade, buy, and sell books that you don’t need anymore.

Seamless Messaging, created by Seidenberg student Peter Franceschini and Dyson student John Robb, is an Android specific messaging application that takes away the hassle of juggling multiple messaging applications and combines them all into one simplified stream, allowing users to connect their SMS, Google Talk, and Facebook messaging clients together in order to send messages through one application instead of three.

Skill Exchange, created by Seidenberg student Wei Chan, enables users to be able to learn limitless skillsets by sharing their own with other users. With this mobile app, users with busy lifestyles and busy schedules are able to learn languages, share their language with others users, collaborate with team members to finish a project, pose questions to team members, and get answers via their mobile app in real time.

StressMeNot, created by Lubin MBA student Shiemi Lim, is an app that tests for stress level. By getting rid of other apps’ dial function, and replacing it with three distinct and interactive emoticons, StressMeNot makes the stress testing experience more enjoyable which may help reduce stress.

Tic-Trac, created by Lubin MBA student James Cook, aims to revolutionize the tenant-landlord relationship, putting the tenant in closer touch while allowing the landlord greater control over maintenance operations and creating transparency between property management companies, their maintenance staff, and tenants. The app gives tenants the ability to report a maintenance issue and check on the status of an issue; helps maintenance organize the day; and keeps property management abreast of all reported issues and tickets.

Read more about the eight finalists here. The event is open to the public, but registration is required, so please RSVP here.