Let’s Get Lyrical

Attention poets and slammasters: The Pace Perk is looking for you to take the stage and express yourself at their upcoming poetry slam.

The rhythm is gonna get you on October 11 as the Pace Perk Café hosts a Poetry Slam from 10:00 p.m. to midnight on the Briarcliff Campus.

Poetry slams can feature a broad range of voices, styles, cultural traditions, and approaches to writing and performance, so whether you’re into the rhythmic dub style, performance poetry, or have a heartfelt piece you’d like to get off your chest, come on out and take the stage! If you’re interested in speaking up, email info@paceperk.com to sign up. If you’d rather sit this slam out, stop by anyway to watch, enjoy some talent and food, and maybe even judge the competition. Winners will get a prize TBD.